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Chapter 467: Immature

That was Zhou Changkangs signal for Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Ning.

The duo immediately stepped forward and apologized.


Lu, we are very sorry.

We didnt know who you were and insulted you, please forgive us.” Mrs.

Zhou gave her daughter, who was looking very upset, a push.


Lu, Im sorry.

I was acting very immature last night.” Zhou Ning apologized dryly.

She was thinking, however, that once she gets married Chen Feibai, not even Lu Xingzhi could afford to cross her again.

Du Shihua added, “Master Lu, Mrs.

Lu, Ning is still very young and immature, please give her a chance!”

Jiang Yao almost choked on her tea hearing that remark.

Back at the platoon, Mrs.

Ge used to say Ge Wenwen was immature as an excuse for her behavior.

Fine, Ge Wenwen was indeed only a little girl.

Yet, Zhou Ning was older than Jiang Yao herself.

And they had the audacity to say that she was young and immature

“Young How old Three years old Or even younger” Jiang Yao chuckled and looked at Zhou Ning in disgust.


Zhou looks older than me though.

Do you want to say that Mrs.

Zhou is young too That both of you are young and immature”

Zhou Weiqi did not expect such savagery from Jiang Yao, he instantly spit out the fruits in his mouth, trying his best to hold in fits of laughter.

“Weve apologized, what else do you still want!” Zhou Ning cried out; her eyes were getting teary.

She stood here putting herself down while the lady in front of her acted all high and mighty.

She lost control and yelled, “This is outrageous! Do you want mom and I to kneel down for forgiveness”


“Zhou Ning!”

In an instance, everyone behind her turned as white as a sheet.

“I dont think thats a bad idea.” Lu Xingzhi replied coldly.

Jiang Yao added, “Why dont you do it then Perhaps I will actually forgive you if you get down on your knees.”

“We are not obliged to accept your apology,” Jiang Yao said in a very serious manner.

She then turned toward Zhou Weiqi with a handful of sunflower seeds in her hand.

“This weather is perfect for some sunbathing and chatter with friends! Not forgetting some tasty sunflower seeds too!”

“You are living the life! Xuyao and I went for drinks yesterday and got very drunk.

He woke up this morning like nothing happened and went to work! I slept through the morning and only woke up just now.” Zhou Weiqi did not eat the sunflower seeds, instead he chose the fruits.

He asked, “When are you going back to Jin City”

Zhou Weiqi looked at Zhou Changkang and the Dus when he asked the question.

He was reminding the people standing that Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao were leaving Jindo City soon.

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