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Chapter 46: Do You Want to Go to the Movies

“Do you come here often” Jiang Yao asked curiously.

“If I recall correctly, you dont seem to like Cantonese cuisine.”

“Youre right, I dont like it, but Ive been here several times,” Lu Xingzhi said, sounding a little surprised that Jiang Yao knew his taste.

“Its just that I guessed youll like it.”

Jiang Yao preferred food with milder flavors.

He had a meal in this restaurant before and he found their soups and stews very delicious.

He thought that Jiang Yao would like it.

At that moment, he had the idea of bringing Jiang Yao to try it someday, but he never got the opportunity to realize it because Jiang Yao ignored him most of the time after they got married.

“One of my high school classmates owns this place, so Ive been here a few times,” Lu Xingzhi explained.

“Sometimes, when I come to the city to take a flight, Ill come here to get together.”

Although there were many customers in the restaurant, the dishes were served to their table very quickly.

It was no surprise that they must have cut the queue in terms of meal preparation.

After the dishes were served, Lu Xingzhi automatically served some of the dishes on Jiang Yaos plate.

There was a faint smile in between his eyes as he watched her eat enthusiastically.

“Hows the taste” He asked.

“Very delicious, especially the soup.

Its a little sweet, I can taste lemon in it too.” Jiang Yao drank the soup with a wide smile while pointing at the soup in front of Lu Xingzhi.

She watched Lu Xingzhi ladle the soup and when she saw a thin slice of lemon in it, she smiled even more proudly.

“Your taste buds work wonderfully,” Lu Xingzhi complimented.

Then, he asked in a casual and incoherent tone, “So, itll be the National Day holiday one month after the start of college.

What are your plans”

“Maybe go shopping with my roommates or go home,” Jiang Yao answered and bowed her head to start eating again.

After that, neither of them spoke again.

Occasionally, Lu Xingzhi served her some dishes using his own chopsticks.

They took about an hour for their lunch.

Once they came out of the restaurant, Jiang Yao stealthily hid behind Lu Xingzhi, using him as a mobile parasol as the sun was at its hottest at this point .

She asked, “Are we going home now Its so hot.”

“Do you want to go to the movies” Lu Xingzhi didnt plan to return to the county so early.

It was such a precious moment for him to spend time alone with Jiang Yao.

Even if it was hot outside, he still didnt want to go back.

Moreover, he had never taken her out after being married for so long.

He figured that young girls liked to go to the cinema, so he had everything planned out.

The movie tickets were lying in his pocket at the moment, as he had ordered the waiter from the restaurant to buy it for him.

Luckily, not only did Jiang Yao not object, but she also urged him to drive.

The movie was one and a half hours long.

Lu Xingzhi didnt even know what the movie was about.

He only knew it was a comedy that made the little woman next to him laugh so hard.

As she was laughing, she would shake his arm and ask him why he wasnt laughing.

This would be the first time Lu Xingzhi saw her laughing so earnestly and delightedly.

After exiting the cinema, Lu Xingzhi brought Jiang Yao to elsewhere for a stroll.

It wasnt until five oclock that they returned to the county and arrived at the gate of his uncles house at six oclock.

Not surprisingly, they were the last to arrive.

“Brother is back!” As soon as Lu Xiaoxiao heard the sound of the car, she looked down from the second-floor balcony.

Then, she waved vigorously toward Lu Xingzhi, who was parking the car in the yard, and shouted, “Brother, Sister, come on up! Weve been waiting for you!”

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