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Chapter 451: Why Should I Help You

“Enough!” Mr.

Zhou lashed out.

He did not think that Zhou Weiqis action of not giving his seat away was wrong.

He was angry, however, at Zhou Weiqi for not stopping Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Nings shenanigans at the charity auction.

How could Mr.

Zhou not know his wife and daughters temperament That was why he was mad at Zhou Weiqi; he did nothing to salvage the Zhou familys reputation!

“I heard from your mother that your buddies know who the Divine Doctor is It seems like the Divine Doctor is competent, especially in mending broken bones.

You know how cousin Du Chen is right now.

Why dont you ask your buddies to connect the Divine Doctor to the Du family, and see if he can actually fix his leg for good” Mr.

Zhou said.

Zhou Weiqi lifted his head up abruptly after hearing Mr.

Zhous statement.

His lips slowly curled into a wry smile.

“Dad, dont you think its ludicrous that a lowly person like me, who is also an illegitimate son, can actually do the things that worthy people like you cant even manage to do”

His tone of voice was sardonic.

“Correct me if Im wrong but didnt you used to say that Im naïve and dumb, and being taken advantage of by them Who am I to them now Their parents Their superiors Why should they help me, no, why should they help the Zhou family”


Zhou certainly heard the sarcasm and taunt in Zhou Weiqis reply and understood his anger and disappointment toward himself as his father.

He sat there in silence, unable to say anything.

It was true that he did nothing to support his sons career.

Ever since he graduated from the military academy, Zhou Weiqi was nothing more than an ordinary salaryman in the platoon.

Even after learning of the existence of the Masters of Jindo, Mr.

Zhou believed Zhou Weiqi was included in the gang only to be taken advantage of by the rest.

He felt bad and wanted to do something for his son, but the thought only flashed through his mind ever that quickly.

Nothing more.

“Go look for Brother Liang, Brother Gu or Brother Lu if you want to meet the Divine Doctor.

I dont have the audacity to ask for this favor.

Do it yourselves if you want.” Zhou Weiqi inhaled a huge whiff of cigarette smoke before extinguishing the cigarette in the ashtray.

“Are you done scolding I have to go now.”

“Stop right there!” Mrs.

Du yelled.

Zhou Weiqi was dismayed looking at Mr.

Zhou, whose expression did not change.

Even an outsider like Mrs.

Du could holler at him right in front of the head of the family.

That was how broken the Zhou family came to be.


Du quickly pulled the hands of Mr.

Du, turning toward Mr.

Zhou, she said, “We, the Du family, helped when the Zhou family got into trouble back then.

Now you cant even return the favor”

“We didnt say were not going to help.” Mrs.

Zhou quickly clarified.

Both Mr.

and Mrs.

Du understood that only Zhou Weiqi could help them now.

Without him, they might never get to meet the Divine Doctor.

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