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Chapter 442: Leave Him Alone

The hairpin was certainly expensive, but the price meant nothing given Lu Xingzhis financial capabilities.

Jiang Yao could not help but slap Lu Xingzhi on his wrist when she remembered that the hairpin fetched tens of thousands.

“You prodigal boy!”

If she knew that this would happen, she would not say that she liked it.

It was just a hairpin, an impractical accessory.

It certainly looked beautiful but there were only so many occasions where it could be worn.

“Dont you like it” Lu Xingzhi was serious.

“Its rare for you to see something you like.

Doesnt make sense to let someone else have it, dont you think”

Jiang Yao was extremely pleased to hear that; she liked it indeed!

“Brother Lu, how about the things that I like” Zhou Weiqi approached them cheerily and pointed toward the stage.

“Someone is actually auctioning a car off!”

“Wheres your father Ask him to buy it for you instead!” Chen Xuyao rolled his eyes at Zhou Weiqi.

Zhou Weiqi did not expect the counter from Chen Xuyao.

Like a punctured balloon, he returned to his seat dejected and started lamenting.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi; she was growing increasingly fond of how stunning he looked.

His confident and decisive manner charmed her little heart.

In her previous life, she avoided Lu Xingzhi like the plague.

Her pride did not allow her to spend a single penny of the Lu familys wealth, oftentimes leaving her in a tight spot financially.

She wanted to be successful and make big bucks! Then, whenever Lu Xingzhi wanted something, she would buy it for him, no questions asked!

“You want that car, dont you” Lu Xingzhi knocked on the table in front of Zhou Weiqi and continued, “Leave the Zhou family and I will make it yours.”

The car was too big to be fitted into the auction hall; only pictures and some information of the car were displayed on stage.

It was an antique car with a retro feel.

It was very well-maintained, and Lu Xingzhi happened to know the owner of the car.

The car would be returned to the owner through a purchase by a pre-arranged acquaintance, the auction was just a formality.

“Dont push me!” Zhou Weiqi exhaled loudly and turned his face away.

He sat there tensely, ignoring the people around him.

His desire for the car, however, was emblazoned loudly in his eyes.

Zhou Weiqi did not really have a hobby, other than collecting cars.

He was a little picky though, preferring only to collect cars that were wilder in design and made by car manufacturers that he admired.

Coincidentally, the car auctioned today was manufactured by a German carmaker that he really liked.

He had the financial means and the capabilities to purchase it himself, although he could not do it.

As long as he was still part of the Zhou family, he could only be the prodigal good-for-nothing playboy with very little money to his name.

Lu Xingzhi and Chen Xuyao were not ready to help him.

Jiang Yao noticed Zhou Weiqis ire and quietly tugged on Lu Xingzhis sleeve.

“Leave him alone.” Lu Xingzhi replied crudely, to the dismay of Zhou Weiqi, who perked his ears up trying to listen if Lu Xingzhi had changed his mind.

When Lu Xingzhis item–a calligraphy art piece—was placed on stage, the crowd in the hall was agitated.

Jiang Yao was unaware of the actual reason, but she suspected that the item sent for the auction by Lu Xingzhi was not like any other ordinary art piece.

Even Old General Liang and General Chen raised their cards; two close friends, fighting each other over the ownership of the art piece.

Chen Xuyao could not contain his laughter anymore.

“If Old General Liang loses out in the end, you are not getting away with this, Brother Lu!” Old General Liang had had his eyes on the art piece for quite some time, only Lu Xingzhi was reluctant to let it go.

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