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Chapter 439: To Help or Not to Help

“Weiqis right, show yourself some respect.” Old General Liang cheerily chimed in, leaving the Du family red-faced.

Nevertheless, General Chen and Old General Liang were the most distinguished guests in the charity auction.

Guests started filling the hall after the drama subsided.

Lu Xingzhi had the staff combine both the seats of number six and seven together.

Naturally, Old General Liang and General Chen sat in the first row—reserved only for the distinguished guests.

Once seated, Zhou Weiqi looked at Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao with a twinkle in his eye and said, “I thought you didnt want people third-wheeling”

“Hush!” Chen Xuyao kicked Zhou Weiqi in the shins.

Brother Lu was not the person to publicly display his affections.

A while later, the auction started.

Instead of paying attention to the auction itself, Zhou Weiqi turned toward Jiang Yao and apologized, “Jiang Yao, Im so sorry for what happened just now.”

Seeing Jiang Yaos laidback reaction, Zhou Weiqi scratched his head in confusion.

“Arent you angry They were so rude to you!”

Zhou Weiqi was used to the verbal abuse; however, Jiang Yao was just a girl!

“Of course not.” Jiang Yao laughed.

“They wanted my help after all.

We will see how far their tyrannical attitude takes them; especially when they have to come to me for the favor.

Isnt it fun”

Zhou Weiqi sat in silence.

Jiang Yao was definitely an interesting character!

Lu Xingzhi said nothing.

Instead, he gave Jiang Yao a profound look.

“Jiang Yao, are you planning to operate on Du Chen If I may add, Id say they do not deserve your help.

After all, the Du and Zhou family still have the means to pay for a wheelchair.” Chen Xuyao laughed wickedly.

After sending a text message, Lu Xingzhi received a reply a few seconds later.

It was from Liang Yueze.

He swiftly read the text message and put his cell phone back into his pocket with a satisfied look on his face.

The Zhou family needed a lesson.

“It depends on Weiqi.

If he gives me the greenlight, I have no issue mending Du Chens leg,” Jiang Yao said nonchalantly.

Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao could not believe their ears! Jiang Yao had the guts to say such a thing.

Lu Xingzhi placed her palms under his.

Giving it a little squeeze, he sighed, “My wifes a grown woman now.”

“What do you mean” Chen Xuyao promptly switched places with Zhou Weiqi, pushing him toward the sidelines.

Warm air filled the auction hall, warming Jiang Yaos frigid hands into little stove-top warmers.

Lu Xingzhi took her tiny hands and grasped it firmly in his; he was content at the present moment.

Seeing Chen Xuyao and Zhou Weiqis puzzled expressions, Lu Xingzhi explained, “Jiang Yao meant to say that if Weiqi wants to leave the Zhou family, this is the time to do so.

If they want to cure Du Chen, they will have to let Weiqi go.

Plus, we can see if Mr.

Zhou actually wants his son.”

It was an understanding, unspoken yet straightforward.

One look was all it took to understand what she was thinking

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