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Chapter 426: Entering the Lions Den

“Mom, Lanxiang really loves Big Brother.

Plus, it was our idea to lie to you, it had nothing to do with her.

She is really expecting a child this time; if you dont believe us, you can bring her to the hospital for a checkup.”

As she was talking, she gently pulled on her mothers arm and softened her voice, “Mom, Lanxiang is my best friend; plus, you know how Big Brother always listens to you.

Even though he likes Lanxiang, he still went ahead and got engaged to Li Tianxin according to your wishes.”

Sensing her mothers softening temper, the girl continued, “Mom, Zhou Weiqi is just another soft, indecisive character.

Hes always been afraid of Big Brother and you.

If Dad asks him to marry Zhang Lanxiang, he will not defy his wishes.

As long as he marries Zhang Lanxiang, Dad will not be able to find a wife for him.

You can have them stay at the Zhou family house after their marriage, with you and Dad around.

With this, you can always keep an eye on Zhou Weiqi.

Moreover, you can take care of Lanxiang and your future grandchild.

If Big Brother misses Lanxiang, its very easy for them to go at it.

That moron Zhou Weiqi will not notice anything.”




That was all Jiang Yao could think of.

No wonder Zhou Weiqi had nothing good to say about his family; it was a mess!

Hearing the girl call Zhou Weiqi a soft character had Jiang Yao chuckling.

He was a free spirit, but he was far from soft.

For Lu Xingzhi to treat him as his buddy, being soft would never cut it.

Zhou Weiqi had the Zhou family deceived; Jiang Yao was positive about that.

“What are you looking at”

Lu Xingzhi came back to the room to see Jiang Yao standing in front of the window with a weird look on her face.

She was so absorbed that she did not notice Lu Xingzhis presence until he spoke.

“There, I was looking at them.” Jiang Yao gestured with her mouth, pointing to the people below them and said, “If I am not mistaken, they are from the Zhou family”

Lu Xingzhi stood beside Jiang Yao.

With his hand around her waist, he looked at the direction she pointed at and recognized the people in question with one glance.

“Yes, its Mrs.

Zhou and her daughter, Zhou Ning,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“You know them”

“I heard their conversation.” Jiang Yao laughed.

He was not suspicious; he assumed she overheard their conversation on her way back upstairs.

“Weiqi is the Zhou familys illegitimate child.

His sickly mother sent him to the Zhou family and urged him to stay with them; she was probably concerned that Weiqi might hate his birth father.

Before she died, she had Weiqi pledge that he would stay in the Zhou family and be filial to his father,” Lu Xingzhi explained.

“He is older than Zhou Ning.


Zhou and both her children treat Weiqi like a thorn in their flesh.”

“Whats wrong with Weiqis birth mother” Jiang Yao was surprised.

“She knew that Mrs.

Zhou was there with her children, isnt this like pushing her son into the lions den No wonder Weiqi wanted to move out and live on his own, he is probably suffering in staying with the Zhou family.”

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