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Chapter 386: Some Probing

Everyone in the Liang family had full faith in Jiang Yaos medical skills, seeing that both Colonel Lin and Lu Xingzhi had survived with minimal side effects.

They were relieved to hear Jiang Yaos assurance that Lu Xingzhi was doing well.

Lu Xingzhi was puzzled though, when did Jiang Yao check on his wounds

However, he knew that she was not the type of person to give half-baked replies.

Maybe she checked before he woke up.

That must be it.

Also, Jiang Yao was a medical student, it was perfectly normal for her to know a little bit more about the human body.


Lu Xingzhi suddenly remembered something that he kept forgetting after waking up.

If his memory served him well, back when he was in the operating room, Jiang Yao insisted on performing the surgery on him after all the doctors had given up.

He remembered trying to persuade Jiang Yao otherwise, but could not get through her thick skull.

Administered with anaesthesia, the next thing he remembered was waking up to the beautiful sight in the room.

So, did his beloved wife perform his surgery Saving him after all the doctors had given him the death verdict

It was at this moment, Lu Xingzhi realized that Jiang Yao had a secret she carried with her, so hidden that he knew nothing about.

He knew, however, that this was not the best time to look for answers.

Lu Xingzhi talked to Old General Liang and the rest for a while before urging them to leave.

He was getting tired and he wanted to spend some time talking to his wife.

When Jiang Yao returned after sending the visitors off, she saw Lu Xingzhi struggling to sit up on his bed.

She yelled, “What are you doing Lie down!”

Lu Xingzhi raised his brows and looked at Jiang Yao.

Well, her wish was his command, he scooted back down onto the bed.

“Dear, I heard that Colonel Lins leg would heal in three months time, what exactly did the doctor say” Lu Xingzhi patted the empty space on his bed, motioning for Jiang Yao to sit down.

“You need to tell me what is going on with Colonel Lins leg.

While waiting for the helicopter, I remember the Red Cross saying that his leg most likely had to be amputated to save his life.”

Jiang Yao sat down and looked at Lu Xingzhi silently.

He seemed to be worried about Colonel Lins injuries with his incessant questions.

However, Jiang Yao was a bright lady, she could hear the words between the lines.

Lu Xingzhi was trying to probe and see how well she understood Colonel Lins injuries, to understand if she was involved in his operation.

If she were to confidently explain Colonel Lins injuries in detail while using several often-used medical jargons, Lu Xingzhi would know for sure that she was involved in the operation.

Frankly speaking, Jiang Yao had no intention of hiding the fact that she single-handedly completed Colonel Lins surgery from Lu Xingzhi.

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