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“You… cant sleep” Lu Xingzhi looked over his shoulder.

At the moment, Jiang Yao rested her head partially on his shoulder.

He didnt move nor push her away, he just lay there like a mannequin.

He said after a while of silence, “Since you cant sleep, lets talk.”

Lu Xingzhis compromise made Jiang Yao giggle in victory.

“Your…your sister said that you put in a lot of effort to marry me,” Jiang Yao said.

It had apparently piqued her curiosity.

“Tell me about it.”

“Huh.” Lu Xingzhi huffed a sigh.

He didnt say anything but he didnt miss a glimpse at Jiang Yaos inquisitive expression.

Just when Jiang Yao highly anticipated his answer when he gaped his mouth, he blurted the most unbelievable words.

“Go to sleep now.”

Then he turned his face to the side and closed his eyes for real.

Obviously, he wasnt ready to discuss this matter with Jiang Yao.

Frankly, Jiang Yao was absolutely clueless in terms of his effort into marrying her.

Before the marriage had been proposed, she didnt even know of the existence of Lu Xingzhi.

Hence, she didnt know much about him.

In addition to this, Jiang Yao wanted to know how he fell for her.

In her defense, she had never seen him before, so how and when did he fall in love with her without her knowledge

Apparently, Lu Xingzhi wasnt about to feed her curiosity.

Jiang Yao pouted.

She wasnt surprised at his lack of response though.

This was typical of Lu Xingzhi, the man who liked to keep everything to himself.

“Lu Xingzhi,” Jiang Yao whispered while poking at his masculine arm mischievously, but he ignored her.

“Huh, youre quite emotional,” Jiang Yao exclaimed in a sarcastic tone.

She moved on to tug his singlet and started to get agitated at his lack of response.

“Lu Xingzhi, if you ignore me, Ill never talk to you ever again,” Jiang Yao growled as she poked his shoulder with all her might, but for Lu Xingzhi, it felt like she was tickling him.

Eventually, her string of actions and words caught his attention.

He turned his head to face Jiang Yao and stared at her for a moment.

Just when Jiang Yao was about to speak again, a large shadow stumbled upon her, sealing her lips.

Jiang Yao was stunned!

Lu Xingzhi kissed her!

This man…

For Jiang Yao, the kiss came without warning.

For Lu Xingzhi, on the other hand, it was premeditated.

It was on their wedding night when Lu Xingzhi kissed Jiang Yao for the first time.

It was also the night when they fornicated and became one.

However, throughout the night, fear and confusion were written all over Jiang Yaos face.

She didnt struggle and resist his desire for intimacy, but she was so scared that he could feel her shuddering.

From that moment on, Lu Xingzhi could feel genuine abhorrence coming from Jiang Yaos heart toward him.

Lu Xingzhi always knew that in addition to disliking him, another reason for Jiang Yaos passionlessness was her angst on him because she knew nothing about him.

That night, Jiang Yao was not the only one who was terrified, as so was he.

He was scared and hurt to see her so afraid.

But, he was selfish.

So, that night, despite her terror, he relentlessly made Jiang Yao his woman.

However, he had never touched her ever since.

Any normal man, moreover a man in his twenties, would activate their biological response when the woman he liked was lying beside him.

That was a common reaction.

However, he only dared to think about it but remained physically still.

He couldnt bear to see her afraid and panicked again.

The kiss was sincere and passionate.

It was also a risky attempt to see if she could finally accept his approach and intimacy.

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