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Chapter 366: She Can Do It

“Jiang Yao…” To say Liang Yueze was shocked was an understatement.

“Jiang Yao!” Zhou Weiqis face suddenly brightened up.

“You said that you want to operate on Brother Lu”

He remembered the day when he saw Jiang Yao giving acupuncture treatment to Grandmother Liang, all hope was not lost!

Not waiting for anyone, he quickly pushed Liang Yueze and Gu Haoyu out of the room, while urging Chen Xuyao to leave as well.

He said to Jiang Yao, “We will be waiting outside.

If you need anything, let us know!”

Jiang Yao nodded and said, “Please help me guard the door and let no one, not even the doctors, enter!”

“Yes, noted!” Zhou Weiqi nodded.

He closed the door after Chen Xuyao came out and stood outside, like a guard.

In the room, Jiang Yao went through and tidied up all the necessary information in her brain.

This was an extremely difficult procedure; she could only try her luck and do her best.

After everyone had left, she turned toward Lu Xingzhi.

He was too weak to even talk, his breathing the only thing indicating that he was still alive.

“Lu Xingzhi, listen to me! You need to stay alive! You have to!” Jiang Yao lowered her head and gave him a little kiss on the lips.

“I am begging you, please dont die!”

Right now, this was her only hope.

Nothing else mattered.

After injecting the anaesthesia into his body, she transferred him into the lab in the Medical System.

Outside, Liang Yueze was looking at Zhou Weiqi with a puzzled expression.

He then looked at Gu Haoyu and Chen Xuyao.

He could see hope in their eyes, much to his confusion.

“What is going on here” Liang Yueze knew that these three were hiding something from him, something about Jiang Yao.

“You really let Jiang Yao, a freshman medical student who has only started her classes a month ago, operate on Xingzhi What if she uses this as an excuse to force us out and do something stupid inside” Liang Yueze was worried that Jiang Yao was planning to commit suicide.

If that were the case, how could they live with the guilt of letting her die

“No!” Zhou Weiqi stubbornly rebutted.

“She is not like that! If she says she wants to do it, she will! Everyone has given up on Brother Lu except her!”

He started sobbing, “Jiang Yao is incredible, she will find a way to do it!”

He dared not imagine what would happen if Lu Xingzhi were to die What about Jiang Yao

Would she remarry No, he would not allow that to happen! She would always be the wife to his Brother Lu!

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