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Chapter 341: At Jindo City Waiting for You

Lu Xingzhi moved his mouth closer to her ears and spoke softly, “When I was born, a fortune teller said that I would live to ninety years old.

He said that I would have an amazing mentor in my life, leading me to my success.

Also, he said I would succeed in my career along with many beautiful kids and grandkids with my wife.”

“Liar!” Jiang Yao cried.

Lu Xingzhis heart melted.

“Why dont you believe me I thought you always wanted to give birth to our children Once you graduate, we can have as many as you want!”

He continued, “Our children will have more children! Imagine this, a whole soccer team!”

Jiang Yao inhaled loudly.

She did not want to tell Lu Xingzhi that the country would be passing a birth control act soon to limit the number of newborns.

“Dear, if you dont want to go back to school, how about going to Jindo City.

Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao are there, they can help you,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“There is no one in the platoon that you know very well, I am scared you may get bored.”

“Okay!” Jiang Yao agreed after a brief thought.

Being at Jindo City meant that she would receive news faster.

Plus, she could go and see Grandmother Liang in the hospital.

“Well, go and pack your bags.” Lu Xingzhi was relieved.

With Jiang Yao in Jindo City, there were plenty of people that could look after her, taking care of her and accompanying her in case she started overthinking out of boredom.

Lu Xingzhi did not have much time to dawdle.

After packing their bags, they scurried down the stairs.

At the entrance gate to the platoon, Mrs.

Lin was holding on to Colonel Lin.

Her eyes were puffy and swollen, betraying the fact that she had cried for a long time.

“Whats this” Colonel Lin looked at Jiang Yao with her suitcase, confused as to what her plans were.

“Since we are going to Jindo City to meet with the rest of the cohort, I am sending my wife there as well.

There are people that I trust who can take care of, and look after her when I am away.” Lu Xingzhi briefly explained.

“Understood, let us go.” Colonel Lin looked at Jiang Yao and her swollen eyes, knowing full well that she was not taking it any better than his own wife.

Colonel Lin sat on the passenger seat, while Lu Xingzhi sat behind with Jiang Yao.


Lin held on to the car door, her tears once again started flowing.

When the car finally started, Mrs.

Lin did not want to let go of the car.

She kept saying, “Darling, our kid and I will be waiting for you to come back.

I will take care of him well; you have to come back!”

The tragic event that unfolded yesterday was still very much on everyones mind.

“I will.

Go back home now.” Even a stoic man like Colonel Lin could not help but choke, seeing his wife in this state.

This was the most difficult mission to date, ever since he joined the military.

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