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Chapter 324: Thank You

The two of them were shocked upon hearing the news.

Jiang Yao put down her food and focused on the radio, listening intently to the news report.

She asked afterwards, “What did they mean by an unknown force Why did they hijack the plane”

“There are many places in the world that are not as peaceful as our country.

In some places, groups and organizations seize control of the land using military force to advance their interests.” Lu Xingzhi explained it in simple terms.

There was something that was still not making sense to him.

Why did they hijack a plane out of nowhere There must be a reason to it.

The plane was flying above the air space of a conflict zone before being surrounded by helicopters and was forced to land.

It was a commercial flight from a different country.

Even though Jiang Yao was shocked, she felt that it did not affect her in any way whatsoever.

Both Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao paid no extra attention to the news before a different news story was reported.

After wiping down the shoe cabinet, Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao to see that she was looking back at him.

He urged her to finish her food before it got cold.

After her meal, Jiang Yao started arranging the things she had bought with Lu Xingzhi.

“I spent most of my time today shopping for furniture and other big things, the smaller ones I am leaving till tomorrow.”

While cleaning the fresh produce she bought at the wet market, she suddenly remembered something else and said, “I bought a chicken and a fish today.

I am going to make it into a soup later in the afternoon.

Take some and give it to Sergeant Ge later when you go over at night.

I think he needs some of these to help his recovery.”

This should be something for Mrs.

Ge to worry about.

However, since she left abruptly after the argument, abandoning her husband and her six-year old daughter, there was no one else available to look after Sergeant Ge.

Jiang Yao acknowledged the relationship between Lu Xingzhi and Sergeant Ge, that was why she put in a little more effort in making sure that Sergeant Ge was well.

“Thank you, dear.” Lu Xingzhi stood up and walked toward Jiang Yao.

He lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead.

He was nervous with Sergeant Ge injured.

They were comrades, with Sergeant Ge being his subordinate.

He understood how important the mission was for Sergeant Ge.

Lu Xingzhi planned to ask the cafeteria to boil some medicinal soup for Sergeant Ge this afternoon.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yao had already thought of that and prepared the ingredients.

Back then, Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao always told him that marrying Jiang Yao was not a wise decision.

She would be the one interfering in his career and impeding his future.

Yet, this was not the case now.

His wife was caring and considerate, an excellent military wife and his soulmate.

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