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Chapter 299: The Liang Familys Wedding

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When they arrived at Jindo City, Liang Yueze had already gone to the brides house with his best men.

However, since they were in the same compound, it was only a short distance.

When Lu Xingzhis car arrived at the compounds entrance, he wound down the car window, greeted the young soldier on duty and drove in right away, whereas Zhou Weiqi was still chit-chatting with Jiang Yao like they were used to going in and out of the compound like this.

However, Jiang Yao was stunned.

These army compounds had soldiers on guard so the entrance was always under strict supervision.

However, seeing Lu Xingzhi entering this place so naturally as if this was his own house, it seemed like the young soldier on duty knew him.

“Weve arrived.” Lu Xingzhi parked the car in front of a double-storey house.

At that time, the roadside was filled with cars.

At closer inspection, all of them had army passes.

Huge red lanterns were hung at the main entrance of the house and they swaying in the breeze, as if they were flaunting about the grand and joyous occasion to the passersby.

“Xingzhi and Weiqi are here!” A woman, who was wearing a jubilant fuschia dress and a waistcoat made out of silk on her shoulders, heard the noise coming from the entrance and walked out of the compound.

When she saw Lu Xingzhi and Zhou Weiqi, her smile grew wider.

“This is Yuezes mother.” Lu Xingzhi slightly moved aside and pulled Jiang Yao, who was behind Zhou Weiqi, forward.

He introduced her to Yuezes mother, “Aunt Liang, this is my wife.

Her name is Jiang Yao, she just arrived at the platoon yesterday.”


Liang knew that Lu Xingzhi was married, but this was her first time seeing Lu Xingzhis wife.

Although Mrs.

Liang was the wife of a high official, she did not appear to be judgemental about Jiang Yao because Lu Xingzhi was close to her son.

After Lu Xingzhi was done with the introductions, Mrs.

Liang stepped forward and intimately tapped the person who was smiling at her before gently saying, “Since Xingzhi is Yuezes buddy, just make yourself at home.”

“Thank you, Aunt Liang.” Jiang Yao thanked her in a poised manner.

Then, more guests arrived so Mrs.

Liang carried on greeting them.

Jiang Yao then followed Lu Xingzhi and Zhou Weiqi inside the house.

Only then, Lu Xingzhi whispered to Jiang Yao, “Yueze is the second child of the Liang Family.

He has an elder brother who has been married for a few years.

Aunt Liang is a very nice person.

Although Uncle Liang seems deadpan and strict, he is actually quite friendly.”

“Only Xingzhi thinks that Uncle Liang is friendly.” Zhou Weiqi mumbled and whispered to Jiang Yao, “Jiang Yao, did you know Xingzhi is really awesome, every time we come to Yuezes house, we are all afraid of Uncle Liang, except for Xingzhi.

Xingzhi would always chat and play chess alone with Uncle Liang in the study room! Even Aunt Liang said that other people would think that Xingzhi is Uncle Liangs son!”

Lu Xingzhi glared at Zhou Weiqi.

He asked, “Yueze is at his brides house now.

Since youre here, why dont you join in on the fun”

Zhou Weiqi stopped in his tracks when he heard that.

He came back to his senses.

“Haoyu and Xuyao must have gone to the brides house! Xingzhi, arent you going If youre not, Ill get going first!”

After saying so, Zhou Weiqi turned around and ran out immediately.

The corner of Lu Xingzhis mouth slightly curved upward.

He was finally satisfied.

The annoying one was gone.

Many guests were at the Liang familys place.

However, the wedding banquet had not officially started yet.

People who were there were mostly relatives and elders.

After Lu Xingzhi brought Jiang Yao into the house, he found Mr.


When Mr.

Liang saw Lu Xingzhi, he was obviously overjoyed.

He stopped his conversation with the other party right away and walked toward him.

Afterwards, he noticed that there was a girl by Lu Xingzhis side and could not help but take a look at her.


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