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Chapter 286: Get-Together at the Cafeteria

It was not the common dinnertime for the soldiers at this time of the day, so when Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi went it, it was quite vacant.

“There you are! Come here, come! Take a seat!”

Colonel Lin waved his hand at them enthusiastically the minute they walked in.

He and the attendees were taken aback when they laid eyes on Jiang Yao.

They knew that Lu Xingzhi married his wife when she was only eighteen years old, the wedding seemed to be held in a rush too.

Now that they finally saw her face, they were stunned in surprise.

The girl looked very charming and sweet, people would buy it if she claimed herself to be a minor.

“Xingzhi, youre the man! No wonder you have to marry her fast!” Colonel Lin was thirty seven years old, he was the youngest colonel in the base.

Since he shared a close friendship with Lu Xingzhi, he talked to him in a casual and leisure tone.

Upon the remark, Mrs.

Lin withdrew her gaze from Jiang Yao and chuckled, “Thats right.

If Im a man and I stumble upon such a fine lady, I would have married her quick too.”


Lin led Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao to their seats.

After settling in, Mrs.

Lin introduced the people around her to Jiang Yao.

The slightly shorter and chubbier woman was Deng Meihua, Major Zhus wife, Jiang Yao addressed her as Mrs.


Sitting beside Mrs.

Zhu was a skinny woman, Jiang Liping, Captain Yangs wife.

“Did you take a stroll around Jin City this afternoon How was it Whats the difference between our city and the southern city” Mrs.

Lin was local.

She had never been to the southern region before, hence she was curious about the place.

“Sergeant Lu went to fetch you after lunch.

I thought that you would arrive later in the afternoon, but who knew youd be back in the evening.” Colonel Lin shot a cheeky glance at Lu Xingzhi before speaking to Jiang Yao again, “Just now, I asked him whether your train would arrive at around 1 pm since he was going to pick you up after lunch.

Only then did I find out that your flight was at 1.30 pm.

You hadnt even taken off yet when he went out!”

The minute Colonel Lin finished talking, everyone at the table laughed happily.

At the side, Jiang Yao pursed her lips tight, trying to muffle a laugh.

After landing, she asked how long he had been waiting for her, and he answered that he had just arrived.

Well, the man definitely lied without batting an eye.

He was clearly there at the airport for a long time.

No wonder his shirt felt cold and moist.

Lu Xingzhi lowered his gaze at the young lady who was snickering with her lips curled mischievously.

He did not feel even the slightest embarrassment after being exposed.

He dearly anticipated for the days arrival.

In the morning, as soon as the sun rose, he was not able to focus on the training nor his duty at the base as he thought about Jiang Yao who would arrive in the evening.

Thus, he took half a day off and rushed to the airport to wait for her arrival.

He waited for hours at the airport, but it was very pleasant and delightful.

Every minute passed indicated that she was coming to him soon.

Looking at the dishes on the table, Jiang Yao knew that they had first inquired about her taste from Lu Xingzhi.

Almost all the dishes were lightly flavored and stews that were not that spicy.

It was actually a get-together between the comrades and their families in the name of a welcome feast.

During Lu Xingzhis wedding, no one from the base could attend because of the distance.

This was the first time they were seeing Lu Xingzhis wife after being married for more than a year.

In order to make a good impression on the base, Colonel Lin sponsored tonights dinner.

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