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Chapter 285: I Want a Boy

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Lu Xingzhi scrunched up his eyebrows, seriously pondering upon the question before answering her.

“I want a boy.

Ill raise him to be a selfless and confident man, so when he grows up, we can make a tag team to protect you and take care of you.

If we get a girl, Im just afraid were going to worry about her forever.”

This was his answer after serious consideration.

Then, he paused.

It was not entirely up to them to decide whether they get a girl or a boy, worrying that Jiang Yao might overthink it, he added, “Actually, a girl is not bad too.

Imagine, our little girl as beautiful as you.

We spoil her rotten, pamper her, shower her with love.

What if we have to worry about her forever So be it.”

A very straightforward answer, no exaggerated elaboration; honest and truthful thoughts from him.

He did not want Jiang Yao to worry about their daughter all their life, but he also loved the idea of having a daughter as beautiful as Jiang Yao.

“Fraternal twins will be the best solution, boy as the elder one and girl as the younger one,” Jiang Yao said as she chuckled lightly, but her lips and eyes were filled with happiness and love.

Lu Xingzhi nodded at her suggestion, thinking that it was a great idea, and said, “Ill try my best.”

Jiang Yaos face blushed reddish instantly.

She reached over and pinched the flesh on Lu Xingzhis waist.

His low chuckle indicated that he was seeing this as a flirtatious move.

“Sergeant Ge is a great guy, but its a pity that he has such a woman as his wife and a spoiled and willful daughter.” There was a dash of regretfulness on his expression as he said it.


Ge is quite cold-hearted too.

Her husband is lying in the hospital right now, how can she still stay at home so leisurely”

Jiang Yao stumbled into silence all of a sudden.

Thinking about herself before rebirth, she was no better than Mrs.

Ge in the relationship department.

Reflexively, she looked at the wound on Lu Xingzhis belly.

She rubbed her nose timidly and said, “After dinner, show me the wound.

I brought some medicine, maybe some will work.”

Seeing Lu Xingzhi open his mouth, wanting to deny about the injury, Jiang Yao rolled her eyes and chided, “Go on! Pretend as if nothing happened! Lie to me! If you want me to ignore you, that is!”

She was genuinely worried and also very angry when she found out about Lu Xingzhis injury.

She blamed herself for knowing too little about him before her rebirth.

She did not know whenever he had a mission, what kind of missions he had, and what the situations and outcomes of the mission were.

She was angry at herself!

Lu Xingzhi realized that he could not hide it from her anymore so he nodded to her request.

“Okay, well do as you say.” He then quickly added, “Its just a tiny scratch on the flesh that looks quite scary.

Dont you weep like a child after seeing it!”

It was a kind of a forewarning to his wife.

He would be very frustrated if she really did cry because he did not know how to comfort a crying woman.

“I study medicine, you dont have to tell me how minor or serious your injury is, I can see it with my own eyes!” Jiang Yao looked askance at him.

“You have only studied for a month,” he answered back.

“How dare you talk back to me! Huh! I know how to poison you even after only a month!” Jiang Yao glared at the man standing beside her and huffed in dismay.

He was getting braver and braver now, he could even talk back to her!

The threat that sounded mushy and fluffy literally induced a deeper smile in Lu Xingzhis eyes.

He truly believed that his wife would never actually poison him.

Time flew by rapidly while they were chatting, it felt like they had not talked much and they were already at the cafeteria.

Before entering, he told her about the people they would be having dinner with.

“It is called a welcome feast, but its actually just a get-together organized by the colonel to have dinner together,” Lu Xingzhi uttered, “There will be Colonel Lin and his family, Major Zhu and his family, Captain Yang, of the third battalion, and his family, and some others.

Its basically an ice-breaking session for you to get to know them.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

She also knew that the people she would see at dinner had a pleasant relationship with one another personally.

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