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Chapter 268: Just Arrived

The man, whose full name had been used, merely gave a meaningful long stare at the woman seated beside him, who was obviously unhappy.

He then turned on the heater and proceeded to drive out from the airport parking space.

Jin Citys airport was in the suburbs, and once they were out of the airport, there were fewer cars on the road.

There was only one road into Jin City, causing it to have quite a lot of traffic.

However, the road that led to Lu Xingzhis platoon was a different road, and there were rarely any cars on that road as compared to the other.

After about fifteen minutes on the road, Lu Xingzhi pulled over to the side, and turned the car off.

He turned his gaze toward Jiang Yaos questioning look, and he finally said, “Im in uniform, it wouldnt have left a good impression.”

He did not really care whether Jiang Yao understood the implications of his words, he could not hold himself back anymore.

Unbuckling both their seatbelts, he pulled Jiang Yao, who was still stunned at his action and words, into his arms.

He lowered his head, her parted lips an invitation that he took without hesitation as he sealed her lips with his.

He could feel the unhappiness radiating off her because of his attitude when he greeted her at the airport, but only God would know how much he had missed her.

If it were not for the uniform that he was wearing, he had wanted to do this the moment his eyes had landed on her.

To pull her into his arms, hold her tight and never let go regardless of all the eyes on them, and kiss her senseless, feel her body warmth as it molded into his own.

Lu Xingzhis kiss was frenzied and somewhat desperate, a tinge of irritation in his heart that she would think that he was willing to be so cold to her.

He was slightly annoyed that she still did not understand him at all.

The irritation faded somewhat when she responded to his kiss with vigor, pressing harder into him as much as their position allowed.

So what if she had misunderstood him If she did not care about him at all, would she have shown such feelings toward his actions

“Pant, pant.”

Jiang Yao was finally released after nearly ten minutes, she leaned back onto her seat, her face flushed as she panted lightly, her head slightly dizzy from the lack of oxygen.

Knowing that she was very much addicted and had been extremely reluctant to end the kiss, she resisted the urge to turn her head to face Lu Xingzhi.

“In the future, dont overthink things.” Lu Xingzhi said, not moving to immediately resume his drive.

He had one arm propped on the window, while the other was holding Jiang Yaos soft hand tightly in his.

“It would affect the image of the platoon if a man in military uniform were seen embracing and kissing in such a public area with so many people present.”

Jiang Yao hummed in response, finally understanding the meaning of the words he had said about him wearing his uniform to explain his cold attitude previously.

Rather, instead of being cold, it was the total opposite.

“How long had you been waiting” Jiang Yao asked after a long while of struggling to find her voice.

She raised her free hand to caress his uniform.

“It feels as cold as ice.”

“Id only just arrived.” Lu Xingzhi said nonchalantly, as though it was unimportant.

“Should we head into the city to buy a coat for you before we return to the platoon”

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at his question, “Isnt that a bit too late for you to ask this now”

Lu Xingzhi snorted, not saying that the question had already been on his tongue the moment he saw what she was wearing.

However, he was not able to resist the desire to get into the car as soon as they could in order to find a more secluded place to properly greet her with a kiss before going into other things.

Fortunately, Jiang Yao was not aware of the thoughts running in Lu Xingzhis mind as she pointed to the luggage that had been thrown into the backseat.

“I packed two thicker coats inside since you said that the weather in Jin City is way colder than Nanjiang City.

Im already wearing a coat, but the weather is still colder than I expected, compared to Nanjiang City.”

“The platoon is located in the mountains, where the temperature is lower than the city.

You should take your coat out first.” Lu Xingzhi said as he nodded his head.

Not waiting for a response from Jiang Yao, he reached his arm to the backseat and dragged her luggage forward, digging out the coat.

He draped the coat over her body himself, ensuring that it was on properly before giving a satisfied expression.

He sighed silently as his eyes fell on her slightly swollen lips, holding himself back but still moving forward, pressing a gentle kiss on her lips and forehead, which was enough for now, before finally being able to pull away from her to resume their journey.

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