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Chapter 250: A Big Bully

Although the use of telecommunication and the internet were not that advanced at that time, the rumors were still spreading pervasively.

Jiang Yao had not left the school for two days in a row but the discussion on the news about Shengqi Hospital closing down was heard everywhere in the school.

If it were not for the spreading of rumors this time, Jiang Yao would not have known that Shengqi Hospital mattered that much to the Faculty of Medicine.

Everyone was concerned about the future development of Shengqi Hospital.

In the end, the rumors evolved on their own.

Someone even assumed that the new shareholder of Shengqi Hospital was a big bully.

He even forced the female nurses and doctors to sleep with him, and that caused the collective resignation of doctors and nurses of the hospital.

That particular rumor was probably too powerful and convincing, a lot of people actually assumed that it was the truth.

Later in the dorm, Jiang Yao heard Wen Xuehui, Zhou Xiaoxia and the others criticizing the new shareholder of Shengqi Hospital.

They were saying that the new shareholder was inhumane and other things along those lines but she could not say anything to defend herself.

Who on Earth would she bully Even if she wanted to be a big bully, she needed some tools at the very least!

It would still be fine if they accused her of hitting on men but why the hell would she hook up with women

Moreover, she already owned the best man on Earth who was Lu Xingzhi.

Why would she try to hit on other men

However, it was fine if she did not think about Lu Xingzhi.

Once she mentioned Lu Xingzhi, her blood started to boil.

After she gave Lu Xingzhi a call that day, she had not been able to reach Lu Xingzhi ever since.

Everytime Jiang Yao tried to contact him, his phone would be shut off and Lu Xingzhi had never contacted her as well.

Two days had passed and Jiang Yao was very worried.

Since the rumors had been spreading like wildfire, it was time for her to do something.

Obviously, she needed some financial help from her man in order to execute her plan.

While being unable to contact Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao was not just worried about the money, Lu Xingzhi was the one she worried about the most.

She was afraid that something might have happened to him and that it was the reason why she could not contact him.

On Thursday night, Jiang Yao once again could not contact Lu Xingzhi and decided to give Weiqi a call.

“Weiqi, have you been able to contact your third brother these few days His phone is shut off every time I try to call him.” The longer she lost contact with him, the more worried Jiang Yao was.

Weiqi could tell that Jiang Yao was worried so he laughed.

He explained immediately, “Jiang Yao, Xingzhi is already a grown up, what is there to be worried about He has urgent missions quite often and he cant bring his phone with him when hes out for a mission.

His phone was shut off too when I tried to call him yesterday.

Then, I gave his platoon a call and they informed me that Xingzhi has been out for duty since two days ago.

They cant tell when he will be back either.”

“Out for a mission Urgent mission What mission Is it dangerous” Jiang Yao asked subconsciously once she heard that he was out for a mission.

She did not know anything about the things that happened in Lu Xingzhis platoon because she did not care much about Lu Xingzhi before she was reborn.

Therefore, she had no idea about the details of Lu Xingzhis missions.

“Jiang Yao, how would I be able to know about the missions of the platoon However, people as outstanding as Xingzhi will definitely be alright, dont worry.

When Xingzhi comes back, he will contact you immediately for sure.

Just focus on your classes and dont worry about him.”

Jiang Yao thanked Weiqi and continued to chat with him for awhile.

However, she could not help but sigh.

Although she knew that Lu Xingzhi was adept, he was still her husband.

Her husband went out for an urgent mission but he did not even have the time to inform her.

She would be a cruel and heartless wife if she did not worry about him.

Initially, Jiang Yao wanted to ask Weiqi if he could lend her some money, but she eventually swallowed the words back into her stomach.

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