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Chapter 247: To Probe

Chen Zhibin felt warm energy surge through his body as if he was embracing a heater upon hearing Jiang Yaos concern.

He knew that the sergeant had asked his wife to look after them on his behalf, but she would not be so attentive and care for them if she were not genuinely sincere nor kind.

“I know, dont worry.

Ill go home tomorrow to clean the house.

The doctor said that my moms condition has been improving day by day.

Im going to cook for her myself when she wakes up, so Ill take care of myself.”

A big and sturdy man like Chen Zhibin was nodding his head vigorously and making a promise to Jiang Yao obediently like a three-year-old boy.

His response made Jiang Yao grin and chuckle in amusement.

This man standing in front of her was older than her, but there she was, chiding and persuading him like an old woman.

Jiang Yao left after a short while.

When she was going down the stairs, she saw the director come running toward her so she stood there waiting.

“Miss Jiang, sorry, I didnt know you were here.

Why didnt you drop by at the office”

The director had just come out from the operating room due to an emergency surgery.

As soon as he learned about Jiang Yaos arrival after the surgery, he quickly rushed over to greet her.

Frankly speaking, the director was genuinely afraid of her ever since the incident where she beat the crap out of Mr.

Qin to the point where he could not even report his case to the police.

Since Mr.

Qins police report came to no avail by Jiang Yaos arrogant interception, everyone had been eagerly anticipating the drama that would unfold next, but what they got was nothing more than Mr.

Qins malicious comments about Jiang Yaos possible failure in managing the hospital and also a rumor that he was ready to sell his shares.

Due to this particular matter, someone went to the extent of searching for Jiang Yaos background, but Director Ye kept his mouth as tight as a drum.

He simply replied with a smile without exposing a single thing about her.

For those with whom he shared a close relationship, he simply advised them not to mess with the girl.

The director decided that it was better for him to take this newly-appointed shareholders side due to the fact that the Qi family could easily surrender their shares just like that.

“Im here to visit a friend, thats all.”

Of course, Jiang Yao knew why the director was being so diligent and earnest, but the rumors had been spreading like wildfire for a day, how could he not know that everyone was talking about how she would destroy the hospital

Thus, she decided to probe the directors mind and observe his behavior.

“I heard that many people have been talking about how I will ruin Shengqi Hospital and make it go bankrupt, whats your take on this Were there any doctors who wanted to resign today” Jiang Yao asked.

“I dont know what they are saying, but speaking from the bottom of my heart, you, Miss Jiang, are definitely an excellent leader who can bring our hospital to the next level.

For as long as the establishment of the hospital, most of the staff have been old bones like me.

In order to be up to date with technological advancements, fresh young blood is required for the hospitals positive development.

Ive been favoring recruiting young people to come to our hospital for internships,” the director said with a smile.

“As for those who wants to resign, dont worry, they do not affect the daily operation of the hospital.”

“Have you approved their resignation” Jiang Yao asked, frowning.

He was the man who the Qi family appointed as the director, could he be doing something so reckless and stupid

Moreover, how could the Qi family not tell him anything about their order Before Lu Xingzhi left, he specifically told the Qi family that they would interrogate them if any of the doctors or nurses were to resign.

It was impossible that the Qi family did not give him a heads-up.

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