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Chapter 245: Wise Decision

Jiang Yao was not sure whether Manager Sun he had heard anything regarding the replacement of shareholders of Shengqi Hospital from his social network, but since he was the key player in the next game, which was the purchase of the shares, he had to know this sooner or later.

“… Oh… Okay.” Manager Sun mumbled in a daze.

It took him a while to regain his composure.

He knew that there was a major shift in the Shengqi Hospitas shareholders, but due to her daughters critical condition, he had not had any attention left for this matter.

Little did he expect that the current majority shareholder of the hospital was the young lady standing next to him.

Manager Sun began to recall what his first impression was when he saw Jiang Yao.

Kneeling on the floor, she composed herself and rescued the man who had fainted in full concentration.

The skillful way she executed CPR made him believe that she was a nurse or doctor with a relatively young appearance.

The image of her agility and perseverance was imprinted in his memory.

He was extremely surprised when he found out that the girl was just a freshman in her late teens.

Later, he met Jiang Yao again in the chancellors office.

At that time, he could already see the calmness and flexible maturity in her.

Although she left a good impression through their first few meetings, today, there was a different aura radiating from Jiang Yao.

Her confidence and poise attitude had a mesmerizing charm that had nothing to do with her overly-beautiful appearance.

Frankly speaking, Manager Sun was also a confident and particularly proud man.

He believed that he was an excellent talent at work.

When working in the restaurant, he managed it wonderfully by himself alone.

Under his effective management, he had successfully established the restaurants great reputation in Nanjiang although it was still considered new here.

After that, the incident where Jiang Yao saved a man happened in the restaurant.

He quickly contacted He Maoming and published an article about it.

Soon, Jiang Yaos name spread like wildfire in Nanjiang because of the article, Riya Restaurant also made a fame out of it.

In the following days, the restaurants reservations were fully booked for a week.

He also received a hefty bonus.

He believed that in the professional working world, he worked hard for whatever position he was in.

If the boss entrusted him with the position with great wisdom and pride, he would reward his boss with his hardwork because of the trust.

The sudden termination made him feel that the boss was being unreasonable and insensible.

He did not have any disputes with the boss, he did not even demand for the dismissal compensation, he simply took his salary for the month and left.

It was not because he did not need the money, nor that he did not care about the job.

On the contrary, his dismissal actually added insult to the injury of her daughters illness.

However, he retained the dignity and stature in his heart.

For him, this kind of boss who did not appreciate him did not deserve his time and effort.

He had a lot in his mind during his unemployment days.

He wondered what job he would look for next, and what kind of boss he would work for.

But then, the strangest thing happened.

As soon as Jiang Yao called him, he agreed to her offer without any hesitation.

He did not mind addressing Jiang Yao, who was so much younger than himself, Miss Jiang.

He did not even find it awkward that she was now his boss despite her young age.

He had a hunch that he would not regret his decision of working for Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yaos legs had almost become jelly for standing by the road for such a long time when a vacant cab finally came.

They got in the car.

She sat in the backseat while Manager Sun sat in the front passenger seat.

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