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Chapter 2321: Pfft!

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“Then who asked her to be the Divine Doctors student That organization requested her by name.

After all, they just need her to treat a patient.

They never said they wanted to kill her.”

“Pfft! Do you believe the words of an organization that kills without batting an eye Do you have a brain Or did you leave it at home Besides, what does it mean to treat an illness Why would people look for the Divine Doctors student if that illness was easy to treat Have you seen the newspapers The Divine Doctors student is a young pregnant girl.

How much can a young girl learn from her teacher If she cant cure those cruel people, they might just shoot her and let her die there.”

The old man stopped selling his vegetables and started arguing with the people at the stall beside him.

Both sides had their own opinions, and no one wanted to let them go.

The passers-by also slowly joined in the argument.

The quarrel over here gradually became uncontrollable.

Lu Xingzhi and the others saw that and quickly separated the people.

If they did not control themselves, a fight might break out.

Lu Xingzhi was sweating profusely when he finally persuaded everyone to leave.

“Everyone, go back to what you should be doing.

Dont gather here to fight.” Zhou Junmin chased away the men who were still standing there and refused to leave.

Then, he returned to Lu Xingzhis side and sighed.

“There are all kinds of people.”

The old man sulked when he saw that everyone had left.

He was unhappy because he was old and could not outargue the others.

When he saw Zhou Junmin and Lu Xingzhi standing there, his gaze fell on Zhou Junmins military uniform.

Then, he waved at Zhou Junmin and shouted, “Young man, you are from the army, right”

‘Yes, Sir, I am.” Zhou Junmin answered from afar.

That old man immediately smiled.

He did not look angry at all.

He picked up a bag and swiftly filled it with vegetables from his stall.

Then, he carried the bag and ran toward Zhou Junmin.

He stuffed the bag into Zhou Junmins hands and said, “These are all vegetables I grew in my own house.

Take them home and cook them.

My vegetables dont have any chemical fertilizers.

They taste delicious.”

After he said that, he sighed again.

“1 read in the newspapers that the husband of that Divine Doctors student is also a soldier.

Shes a military wife.

Its too difficult for her.

They shouldnt have done that to her.”

“Sir, I think what you said makes a lot of sense.” Zhou Junmin was very talkative.

He hugged the bag of vegetables that the man had forced on him and started chatting with the man.

“After listening to so many people talk just now, I feel that you are right.”

The old man patted his chest.

He said, “The Divine Doctors student husband is a soldier, so we must have a conscience when we speak.

Soldiers are my benefactors.

My granddaughter, who is only three years old, was abducted by human traffickers.

My family searched for more than a year but couldnt find


Later, the soldiers sent her back to me.

I heard that a DNA bank was also built in the hospital by one of your military wives.

She helped many children find their families.

All of those are good deeds, so I admire the soldiers and am grateful to those doctors whose names I dont know.”

When the old man said that, his eyes turned red with emotion.

“Its not easy being a doctor, and its not easy being a soldier.

You cannot give up just because those people are capable.

The Divine Doctors students life is important too.

Hers is more precious than anyone elses..”

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