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Chapter 2314: Why So Sudden

“You cant say she is fat, or else she will be unhappy.” The little tiger Cheng Jinnian stood behind Jiang Yao and warned her seriously.

“If you say too much, she wont eat anymore.”

“Really Then your sister is not obedient and wants to be beaten.” Lu Yuqing looked at the child, who looked very much like Jiang Yao, and smiled.

She raised her hand to pinch Cheng Jinnians face, but Cheng Jinnian avoided her.

She wanted to touch his head and pinch his face.

That was probably a special treatment for Jiang Yao and Madam Cheng.

Only the two of them could do it.

Lu Yuqing knew Cheng Jinnians personality, so she did not feel weird when he avoided her.

She smiled and followed Jiang Yao into the house.

“Sister, whats in your bag thats so heavy” Jiang Yaos gaze fell on Lu Yuqings bag for a few seconds before she asked tentatively.

As expected, she heard Lu Yuqing say, “Companys account and some important documents for you to look at.

You have nothing to do here anyway, so dont waste your time.”

Jiang Yao pouted.

She knew that Lu Yuqing would not come to her empty-handed, and she knew that Lu Yuqing would not let go of an excellent opportunity to force her to work.

After Lu Yuqing finished speaking, she looked at Jiang Yaos expression and secretly smiled.

She placed her bag on the sofa and asked Jiang Yao to accompany her to the courtyard for a walk.

The courtyard was filled with the fragrance of golden Osmanthus.

Madam Cheng liked Osmanthus during those years abroad, and she would miss the fragrant Osmanthus in her hometown every October.

Madam Chengs father had planted some Osmanthus plants at home when she was young.

For Madam Cheng, Osmanthus was the only thing she could rely on when she missed her father.

Lu Yuqing took a deep breath and smelled the fragrance in the air.

Then, she said, “Mom told me that she wants Xingzhi to leave the army and transfer his career.

What about you

“1 told Xingzhi that I wont help him persuade Mom, but I wont stop him from making any decisions,” Jiang Yao replied.

She paused and asked Lu Yuqing in return.

“What about you

“I think its good if hell leave the army.

Let him take over the company.

Xingzhis brain is too active.

Even if he doesnt stay in the army, hes still a talented businessman.

Youre a doctor.

After you graduate, youll work in a hospital.

I dont think Im enough for the company.” Lu Yuqing spread her hands.

“1ts the best that he can take over the company.

I dont plan to spend my whole life working for the company.

Jiang Yao gasped.

Lu Yuqing could tell from her confused tone that Jiang Yao remembered her attitude toward work.

In the past, Lu Yuqing treated work as her whole life.

She even thought that in her future life, only work would never leave her.

However, as people changed, so did their perspectives.

Life naturally changed as well.

After a few seconds of silence, Lu Yuqing rubbed the tip of her nose in embarrassment and said, “After the New Year, Huang Cheng will go to our house to propose marriage.

We should be getting married in April or May next year.”

Even though she was not drinking water, Jiang Yao choked on her own saliva.

Lu Yuqings words were so shocking that she even swallowed her saliva.

She coughed so hard that her face turned red.

“Sister! Why didnt you prepare me mentally” Jiang Yao pounded her chest in pain for a long while before she finally recovered and asked, “VVhy so sudden When I talked to you about that, you looked like there was no way out..

How long has it been since we talked about marriage

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