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Chapter 2288: Sore Spot

[Baby, you are two years old now.

These are the toys I bought for you.

Maybe you will only be interested in them for three minutes.

You might lose interest after playing with them for a while, but at least youd have them.]

[Other children have them.

My baby must have them too.]

[Baby, you are now three years old.

And you must have grown taller.

I made you this skirt.

I know youll look like a princess when you wear it.]

Four-year-old birthday—glittery shoes.

Five-year-old birthday—hair clips.

Six-year-old birthday—chocolates.

Seven-year-old birthday—storage jars.

Eight-year-old birthday—dance shoes.

Nine-year-old birthday—a piano.

Ten-year-old birthday—a violin.

Eleven-year-old birthday—pens and ink.

Her mothers every gift meant love for her.

She would have also had a good childhood if she had remained with her biological mother.

She would have beautiful skirts, shoes, and hair clips.

She would have had her own pocket money when she was seven years old, and she would have learned to dance, play musical instruments, and learn the piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting when she was eight.

Madam Cheng would have nurtured her daughter lovingly.

If she had stayed with her mother, she would have grown up in an influential household.

Her mother also bought a wedding dress for her eighteen-year-old birthday and a plane ticket to Jindo City for her nineteen-year-old birthday.

There was also an acceptance letter from Jindo University.

The 20-year-old gift box was empty, and only a note was inside.

[I have hoped to raise you for the first 19 years of your life.

Even though I didnt get to do that, you have grown into a beautiful woman.]

[Beautiful, independent, smart, and capable.]

[Happy Birthday, my baby.]

Jiang Yao did not know when she burst into tears.

It could be a one-year-old longevity lock, university supplies, or even the 18-year-old wedding dress.

“No matter what you look like now, she will still love you because all she wants is for you to be alive.

Thats all.” Master Cheng handed Jiang Yao a clean handkerchief.

“Youre lucl$, to have met your parents.

They love you, and because of that, she doesnt dare to dream of competing with them for you.”

Jiang Yao sobbed softly.

The 20 letters and 20 boxes weighed on her heart like a heavy mountain.

‘My daughter, youre going to be a mother soon, so you should understand your mother better,” Master Cheng said.

“Youre her sore spot.”Continue read full chapters on our website:Bon n o v e l.com

“I know.” Jiang Yao sobbed.

She knew that she had always made her biological mother sad.

“She didnt have it easy.

It has not been easy for her.

Back then, even living was difficult for her.

I may be great with her now, but I didnt do well initially.” Master Cheng was embarrassed to tell her about the things that happened when he was young, “0kay, you are the birthday girl today.

Dont cry.

Its windy here.

Lets go in.”

Jiang Yao stood there for a while before she calmed down.

Master Cheng helped her move the box into the house.

Cheng Jinnian had been standing at the door waiting for them.

When he saw Master Cheng carrying the box in, he called out to his father, but he walked over to Jiang Yao, who was behind Master Cheng.

He wrinkled his little nose.

“Sister, you are crying.”

Then, he ran to stop Master Cheng and asked, “Dad, did you scold her”

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