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Chapter 2284: Perfunctory

It was precisely the same as when Lu Xingzhi heard the news.

Liang Yueze was so shocked that he could not even hold his phone firmly, and it fell to the ground.

Then, his son took it away and shouted at the phone.

“Call me Third Uncle,” he said.

The childs tender voice made Lu Xingzhis heart soften.

His usually cold and hard personality eased for the first time, and he started to tease the child on the phone.

“He cant even call me father yet, and youre still dreaming about calling him calling you Third Uncle.” Liang Yueze took the phone that his son had snatched away.

“That is truly shocking.

I didnt think Id see the day you, Hades Lu, wanted to coax children.”

“After all, Im someone whos about to become a father.

My wife is going to give birth soon.” Therefore, he would do things that he had never done before, things that he had not wanted to do.

He would try them out because of his child.

“I know about the matter.

Ill call home and ask.” Liang Yueze hung up the phone.

Lu Xingzhi reminisced the babbling laughter of the child and chuckled lightly.

He stood there for more than ten seconds, feeling the cool breeze, before slipping his phone into his pocket and walking home.

It had only been seven to eight minutes since he went out.

Jiang Yao was surprised when she heard the door.

She immediately got out of bed and ran to the bedroom door to take a look.

“That was quick.”

“Its just a simple matter,” Lu Xingzhi replied.

“Its cold outside, right” As Jiang Yao spoke, her eyes fell on Lu Xingzhis hands in his pockets.

She examined the bulging pockets to see if anything was hidden inside.

However, Jiang Yao was disappointed because Lu Xingzhi had already returned to the bedroom.

He hung his coat on the hanger and urged her to get into bed and rest.

Without Lu Xingzhis hands, his coat pockets flattened immediately, confirming that there was nothing inside.

“Oh,” Jiang Yao replied as she slowly walked in her slippers.

She humphed and climbed up the bed.

She lifted the blanket and buried herself in it, not even exposing her head.

She wondered if Lu Xingzhi would wait until midnight to give the gift to her.

She did not know if she could last until midnight.

She was already a little sleepy.

Lu Xingzhi returned to the bed and drew Jiang Yao back into his arms after turning off the lights in the room.

He was silent for a few moments.

“I will buy you a present tomorrow,” he said, knowing what Jiang Yao was thinking.

“There is no need to wait because I didnt buy anything today.

Sleep early.”

It would have been better if he did not say anything.

However, Jiang Yao was unhappy when Lu Xingzhi said that.

She pouted and muttered, “Youre really perfunctory.”

It was her birthday after midnight, yet he told her he would buy it the next day

Was he going to the mall to get her some clothes or something

Jiang Yao, who was unhappy, turned her back to Lu Xingzhi.

She rubbed her belly and said, “Your father is a b*stard.”

Lu Xingzhi was not deaf, so how could he not hear her words

He laughed.

He wrapped his arms around Jiang Yaos waist and placed them on her lower abdomen.

“Dont listen to your mothers nonsense.”

Jiang Yao, who had lost all hope, was sleepy.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

That night, she had a good nights sleep, while he had a sleepless night.

The unknown territory, the unfamiliar faces, and the bullet holes made him tremble in fear..

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