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Chapter 2273: Starting To Feel Annoyed

Jiang Yao nodded.

It was indeed impossible for her to agree.

After all, she did not understand the temperament of the person in charge of that organization and how much trust they had in her.

Most importantly, she had successfully removed the Divine Doctors identity.

She did not want to draw too much attention to herself.

The news that the Divine Doctors student had taken over her position would only draw more attention to her.

It would be dangerous for her and her family, just like those who used unethical means to entice the Divine Doctor back then.

“It appears that Master Chengs previous investigation was correct,” Jiang Yao said.

‘Master Cheng had previously said that the former boss of that organization was not dead but rather severely injured.

He reasoned that with his health, he was incapable of taking care of things, so he let his adopted son sit in his place.

And that adopted son of his admired his adopted father and has been plotting ways to cure him.”

A godfather who was as grateful as a mountain was more important to the person in power than a successor who was not unique.

Therefore, if Jiang Yao were willing to accept that deal, it would not be difficult for her to take Qian Yunens life.

Du Chen was not a low-key figure in Jindo City.

Furthermore, he was a disabled person who had miraculously transformed into a normal person capable of jumping.

It was difficult for Du Chen not to draw attention to himself.

Fortunately, Du Chen was not the type of person who would abandon his loyalty for the sake of profit.

He did not say anything about her.

For Lu Xingzhi, the goal for their country was not just Qian Yunen but an organization that was constantly growing and could endanger the people at any time.

Jiang Lei, who was standing by the side, was dazed.

Only then did he realize that Lu Xingzhis profession was too scary.

Jiang Lei did not interrupt the couples conversation.

He was texting Lu Xiaoxiao.

Even after texting for more than 30 minutes, Lu Xiaoxiao did not bother to reply to him.

Then he called Lu Xiaoxiaos assistant, asking what Lu Xiaoxiao was up to then.

Jiang Lei was furious when he heard Lu Xiaoxiao•s assistant say that Lu Xiaoxiao was learning to sing from the new singer.

He threw his phone into a corner and gritted his teeth, waiting for Lu Xiaoxiao to respond to his message.

He also wanted to drag it out for half an hour before responding to her so she could feel like a lowly person!

After Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi finished their business, they changed the topic.

Lu Xingzhi was discussing with Jiang Yao about her return to university.

Lu Xingzhi had Mrs.

Jiang to care for him at home, so he did not need Jiang Yao to accompany him all day long.

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Lu Xingzhis first thought was that he would not be able to see his wife for an entire day.

It was difficult for him to accept the opportunity to spend the whole day at home with Jiang Yao.

If Jiang Yao were not at home during the day, it would be even more difficult for him to endure the time at home.

“Arent you going to continue watching me at home Arent you worried Ill use your absence as an opportunity to train again” Lu Xingzhi thought for a moment, and his expression suddenly changed..

Then, he asked solemnly, “Tell me, honestly, are you starting to feel annoyed because youve been spending every day with me recently”

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