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Chapter 2261: At The Same Time

Jiang Yao sat beside him, raising her hand to pinch his uninjured arm.

When it came to words, that man was quite inconsistent.

Lu Xingzhis brow furrowed slightly.

Then he saw Zhou Junmin quickly remove the bunch of fake flowers from the bottle and carry them away.

“Did you come here just to take those ugly flowers” Lu Xingzhi sat there like an emperor and stared at Zhou Junmin with an unfriendly expression.

“Ah, no.” Zhao Junmin shook his head and quickly explained, “At the same time, I also wanted to tell you about the person we caught yesterday.”

“At the same time” Jiang Yao burst out laughing.

Zhou Junmin was also quite cute when he was angry.

His explanation was earnest, but the more he explained, the darker Lu Xingzhis face got.

“Speak.” Someone who was willing to say a few more words at first was stingy with only one word.

‘That person is a private detective.

He was entrusted by someone to investigate whether his wife had a miscarriage or not.

The party provided him with information about the hospital in Luo City and also provided your room number.

Yesterday, that person went to the hospital for the second time to investigate.

Previously, he went to the hospital once, but he was afraid of alerting the enemy.

He did not dare ask anything then.

He did not expect you guys to discover him.

“However, the person sent him the money from a domestic account.

We are looking for them through that account, and then we will get more information.

Hopefully, there will be some useful information.

It is best if the account belongs to Qian Yunens subordinate.

If a black sheep like Qian Yunen is not brought to justice, hell always be a danger to society.”

“Okay.” Lu Xingzhis tone and expression were very calm.

After he answered, he raised his eyes toward the door, meaning that Zhou Junmin should leave after he finished speaking.

Lu Xingzhi did not feel embarrassed when Jiang Yao did not answer him.

Instead, he stood up and pressed his body onto Jiang Yaos body.

“1m so tired.

Help me to the room.”

Jiang Yao pressed her lips together and did not immediately laugh at Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi rarely liked a bunch of flowers, but the person who gave them to him took them back.

She gently helped him back to his room..

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