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Chapter 2246: Goes Without Saying

Madam Cheng sat there without speaking to Jiang Yao, but when she heard Jiang Yao say the childs name, her heart beat faster.

“Lu Chenyang, Chenyang.” That name symbolized a new life, extending the bloodline of her daughter.

It was her grandson, someone with a close biological connection with her.

Madam Cheng realized that she was about to become a grandmother.

It was even more intense than when she touched Jiang Yaos belly and felt the childs mischievousness.

“Good name.” Master Cheng was not stingy with his praise.

“As expected of someone who reads a lot.

Thats a good name.”

Master Cheng was an arrogant man, but he respected those who were knowledgeable.

His eldest son, Cheng Jinyan, was named after a talented man.

It was easier to name his second son.

He only made one change.

Madam Cheng had suggested that name.

That word contained Madam Chengs longing and guilt for another child she believed had died.

That word seemed to be a blessing, bringing back the person his wife had missed.

“When the child is born, I will give him a big gift!” Master Cheng laughed happily.

“I am also a grandfather.

Just thinking about it makes me feel even more intoxicated.

Master Cheng raised his wine glass to Mrs.

Lu, Mr.

Jiang, and Mrs.

Jiang and said, “Let me express my desire to be the childs grandfather.

My son is useless.

He is no longer young, but no woman wants him.

Fortunately, I still have a daughter.

It is time for me to become a grandfather.”

Madam Chengs eyelids twitched as she heard her husband speak.

She kept a close eye on Jiang Yaos face, afraid she would become angry.

Fortunately, Jiang Yao pretended not to hear him.

She lowered her head and ate her food with gusto.

Her expression remained unchanged.

She did not even put her spoon down.

Cheng Jinnian grabbed the orange juice and dashed to Jiang Yaos side.

As he touched Jiang Yaos stomach, he said, “Congratulations! I will become an uncle! If the child resembles Sister, he will resemble me too!”

Everyone at the table laughed.

Jiang Yao could not help but smile.

Cheng Jinnian resembled her so much that if her son resembled her in any way, he would undoubtedly resemble Cheng Jinnian.

They were both around the same age.

People would probably think Cheng Jinnian and her son were brothers if they saw them walking down the street together.

In the eyes of Master Cheng and Madam Cheng, Jiang Yaos non-rebuttal was a tacit agreement.

She implicitly agreed with the childs relationship with the Cheng family and her attitude toward the Cheng family.

Madam Chengs wine glass trembled slightly as she stood up with the juice in her hand.

Nothing else needed to be said, but they could understand what was left unsaid.

They were not sentimental people, so they could not say anything sentimental.

Everything was said in silence.read new chapter at Bon novel.com

Jiang Yao left the restaurant shortly after dinner because she remembered Lu Xingzhi saying he had something to tell her.

She suggested they return to the hospital after packing the soup and buns for Lu Xingzhi..

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