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Chapter 2214: At Least Another Week

“Were you scared”

The couple kept asking, making Jiang Yaos nose itch.

“Im sorry we made you worry, Dad, Mom.

I am perfectly fine.

I didnt even break a sweat.

I am brave, so I am not afraid.

Xingzhi is fine.”

Jiang Yao soothed her frightened parents by hugging them.

She took a step back and requested others to assist Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhis ability to recuperate was exceptional.

Furthermore, because he used medicine from Jiang Yaos medical system, he recovered faster than any ordinary patient.

After all, he had been gravely injured.

Even if he could fly, he still had to lie down and be carried up and down the aircraft.

Lu Xingzhis face was clean, and he had changed his clothes in the morning, so he appeared active.

His face was wrapped in white gauze, and he had just taken his medication before leaving.

There was still a slight odor of ointment on his skin.

“It is great to see you.

Your father and I will go to the temple and pray for your safety.” Mrs.

Jiang clasped her hands together.

“We need to give thanks too..”

“Go, go.” Mr.

Jiang nodded.

He remembered those two being in the same situation not long before.

One had just been released from the hospital, and the other had returned to the hospital.

The doctors and nurses in that hospital had become old friends.

The wards were in better condition than those in the hospitals in Lanning City.

The best wards here were like little suites, with hot water baths available 24 hours a day.

Even though they were still in a hospital, Lu Xingzhi felt considerably more at ease remaining in a hospital with which he was more familiar and closer to home.


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang had packed Lu Xingzhis daily essentials, which included a toothbrush, a towel, and a basin.

Lu Xingzhi had always been a self-sufficient individual.

He felt mortified to see Jiang Yaos parents so focused on him.

“When can I walk, Yaoyao” Lu Xingzhi asked.

Although the tubes placed into his body had gone, Lu Xingzhi still felt rotten.

He had longed to get up and move since, but every time he did, Jiang Yao chastised him.

“At least another week, ” Jiang Yao responded, hardly even opening her eyes.

“However, you should refrain from eating solid foods for the time being.

You can eat fruits.”

Lu Xingzhi arched his brow.

That was excellent news.

It was alright if he did not say anything because the situation made him feel like his balls were aching.

“Dad, Mom, you are welcome to stay at my dorm for the next few days.

So you dont have to go back to the army base.

Its too far and difficult to make daily trips,” Jiang Yao said.

“Theres a separate kitchen in the dormitory.

Theres a vegetable market near the university.

You can go there to buy vegetables.

Theres a landline in the dormitory.

When you wish to go out, phone Big Ke ahead of time and request that they collect you up at the university gate.”

The ward was not horrible, so Jiang Yao intended to stay with Lu Xingzhi until he was better before returning to university.

Lu Xingzhis mother wanted to care for Lu Xingzhi personally, so Jiang Yaos parents readily consented to Jiang Yaos plan.

Jiang Yaos university was a little far from the hospital, but having a car to pick her up was not a problem..

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