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Chapter 2203: Swansong

However, after entering and washing her hands, Jiang Yao reached into her pockets and discovered the thin, folded letter.

After some thought, Jiang Yao took the letter out and placed it in her palm.

Then, she carefully opened the letter with both hands.

The handwriting in the letter was not very clear.

Some of the strokes were heavy, while others were light.

In the beginning, it was much clearer, but toward the end, it became a little weak.

He probably got weaker as he wrote.

He was afraid that he could not finish the letter.

So, he wrote a little faster in the end, right


[When I started writing this letter to you, two words flashed through my mind.

A suicide note.]

[Perhaps this letter is a suicide note.]

[Even though I dont have much strength left, I still feel as if I have to leave some words for you.]

[Yaoyao, no matter what I say, dont cry.

Because when you cry, it makes my heart ache.]

[This mission is even harder than I thought.

Its not my fault that my pig-like teammate met a wolf-like opponent, but its also my fault for underestimating the enemy.]

[As soon as we arrived here, we were injured, one after another.

Those people had prepared many bombs for us, but I did not come up empty-handed.

Those bombs were made in the same way as the ones in the martyrs cemetery, including the wiring arrangement and materials.

That proved that the same person had planned the two incidents.]

[Other than that, during the few days I was locked up in the mountains, I also discovered some strange reagents in the hands of some people.

Some of my comrades were caught.

Even though they were not injured, they had been injected with the reagents.

It was as if they were used in an experiment.]

[Yaoyao, if I die, you have to tell Big Brother and Old Master Liang about this.

That is an important matter, so you have to find the bodies of those people and check them carefully.]

Jiang Yao felt a little jealous when she read that.

He thought he was dying, yet he was still thinking about other peoples safety.

He had so much to say, yet he still had to share the letter.

It was already the time when he thought he was going to die, and he was still thinking about national affairs.

He only had so much to say, yet he still had to share half of the letter about that.

However, when Jiang Yao looked at the note again, that emotion immediately disappeared.

He apologized to her and explained.

[Yaoyao, do you know how I spent the past two days]

[My people were blown up.

Some were blovvn into pieces right beside me.

Blood splattered on my face.

Some of their hands were blovvn off and flew into the air, stuck on a tree.]

[After the smoke, I lay there.

My vision gradually blurred, but my mind was filled with images of my comrades broken limbs.]

[When I woke up, I was in a strange place.

They were beside me.

Some woke up and shouted, while others would never wake up again.]

[None of us were in good condition.

Some had lost their hands, some had lost their feet, and some had a hole in their stomach and were gasping for air.]

[I watched them go from blinking to not moving.

Then, they were dragged out like trash and never sent back.]

[They were my comrades-in-arms who came here with me.]

[Some of them were killed.

Some never returned.

Some were taken away not long after that..]

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