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Chapter 2194: How Did You Save Them

Jiang Yao did not know what to say to comfort Lu Xingzhi.

That sacrifice was even worse than the last time.

Jiang Yao had no idea what Lu Xingzhi had been through in the last few days or how he had been living.

However, it did not matter.

The most important thing was that he was still alive.

Fortunately, he had all his limbs intact.

Finally, Lu Xingzhi passed out in Jiang Yaos arms.

Master Cheng and the others pushed Jiang Yao onto the tractor.

Master Cheng followed them while the others returned to the town on foot.

On the tractor, Jiang Yao administered first aid to Lu Xingzhi.

The rest of the tasks could only be completed once they arrived at the town hospital.

The tractor made a very loud noise.

They seemed to travel from the grassland to the horizon like a heartbeat.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi, who was lying on the tractor, his face turning red from her medicine.

She began to calm down.

Even though she knew he was alive, she had never experienced the fear of not being able to find him.

She felt better after hugging him.

“How did you save those two people” Master Cheng asked the child beside him.

“My brother, Grandpa, and I were on the mountain helping to find the soldiers who had sacrificed themselves.

When we were preparing to bury them, we accidentally ran into those two uncle soldiers.

Then, Grandpa and I took them back to the tent,” the little boy said.

“Grandpa and Brother told me that the soldiers are heroes and good people.

My brother and I wouldnt have been able to go home if there were no soldiers.”Support our B0nnovel.c0m

The old man driving the tractor nodded.

“We have two children in our family.

One of them disappeared when I brought him to the town.

The other was stolen from our home when he was only a year old.

The two children disappeared around the same time.

Our family was heartbroken.

The childrens mother cried until her eyes were blurry.

Their father had been working hard to look for them.

A few years ago, an accident happened, and he died.

I have always blamed myself because I didnt take good care of the children.

That was what broke our family.

At least now I can answer my son when I see him again upon my death.

I can tell him that his children are home.”

“The soldiers got my brother and me home.

My brother suffered a lot, but my luck was a little better.

My parents in the south were very good to me too.

I promised them that I would study hard and go to their university to visit them.” The little boy scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Even though its hard to get into university, I will work hard.”

Jiang Yao knew why that child was so fair.

He had grown up in the south, so his skin was a little fairer than the children born and raised there.

“The uncles were seriously injured.

Grandpa said that they would die if we didnt bring them to a doctor.

So, were bringing them to the shepherds.

Grandpa said that the town is very chaotic, so he doesnt want to go there.”

“It wont be chaotic now.” Master Cheng looked at the boy, who was about the same age as his youngest son.

The boy was also curious.

“Now the town is full of many soldier uncles.”

“By the way, didnt someone go to your tent to look for them Where did you hide them Why didnt they find them” Master Cheng glanced at the people around him and thought,How do these people do things If they had found them earlier, did we need to let Jiang Yao travel all the way here.

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