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Chapter 2121: I Really Want To Eat It

Lu Xingzhis beautiful dream stopped when his wife happily buried her face in the food.

The second Lu Xingzhi opened his eyes, he heard a clear and vivid voice, which seemed to be the same as the voice in the dream.

He could not tell if it was a dream or reality.

“What were you mumbling about just now”

When Jiang Yao saw Lu Xingzhi open his eyes, she asked, “How did you sleep so well tonight I tried calling you several times, but you didnt answer.”

“I dreamed that you ate a big meal.

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“It was too good, and I couldnt bear to wake up.” Lu Xingzhi clicked his tongue and turned to look at Jiang Yao.

“Whats the matter Cant sleep”

“Im hungry.”

Jiang Yao touched her stomach; she looked aggrieved.

“I woke up hungry.”

Lu Xingzhi sat up abruptly, a surprised expression on his face.

Could he have fixed his wifes morning sickness after having a dream

“There is still some leftover chicken soup from last night.

I will warm it up for you.” As he spoke, Lu Xingzhi turned on the bedside lamp.

He wanted to get out of bed and put on his shoes so he could start heating the chicken soup for Jiang Yao.

“Dont mention chicken soup to me! I feel uncomfortable just thinking about that taste.” Jiang Yao shook her head repeatedly.

Lu Xingzhi paused and thought,Why is it different from the dream In the dream, she was eating happily.

“Then Ill go make some milk for you.” Lu Xingzhi could only think of the one thing that would not make Jiang Yao nauseous.

“I dont want to drink it.”

Jiang Yao continued to shake her head.

“Then what do you want to eat” Lu Xingzhi hugged Jiang Yao.

Even though she was obviously hungry, the feeling of being unable to eat anything made him feel bad for her just thinking about it.

“Well,” Jiang Yao answered quickly.

She looked at Lu Xingzhi hopefully.

“Can I eat anything I want”

“Anything a pregnant woman can eat,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Mom said that if you crave something during pregnancy, you should have it as long as its something you can eat.”

Jiang Yaos eyes lit up.

“I want to eat durian!”

She hugged Lu Xingzhis hand and shook it gently.

“I just dreamt of hugging a big durian, and then I woke up from hunger.

So, I really want to eat durian!”

Lu Xingzhis brows knitted into a line as Jiang Yao said the word durian.

He subconsciously thought of the one thing that tasted like sh*t.


Lu Xingzhi sat up straight and discussed seriously with Jiang Yao.

“Do you have anything else you want to eat Why dont I peel some melon seeds for you We still have some.

Do you want plum blossoms Why dont I pour you a small sip of a soft drink

When Lu Xingzhi noticed Jiang Yao vigorously shaking her head, he paused and gritted his teeth.

“Cold soft drink! One teacup of it!”

“You said I could eat whatever I wanted.

I want a durian.” Jiang Yao began to feel aggrieved after seeing Lu Xingzhis expression.

“And you said you are sorry for what happened to me.

I am craving durian right now! You wanted to throw away the durian I bought in Jin City.

And you wouldnt let me buy durian to eat at home! And you said durian stinks! This is your doing, Lu Xingzhi!”

Lu Xingzhis head was on the verge of exploding.

He had not expected Jiang Yao to bring up the old issues.

Lu Xingzhi panicked after hearing Jiang Yaos accusation with a faint sobbing tone.

He was fine, but Jiang Yao was about to cry out in frustration..

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