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Chapter 210: Hide

Chen Xuyao, who was driving in front, almost could not grasp the steering wheel properly.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

When his brother, Hades Lu, had met Jiang Yao, how could he be regarded as a man of few words He was simply a talkaholic!

Even when he was with his buddies, if there wasnt any serious business, his brother would always be reserved whenever he could, pulling a long face as if it would cost him his life by just saying two more sentences.

However, when he was together with his wife, the words he said within those few minutes were almost the same as the number of words he spoke in a week.

That was why Chen Xuyao thought that his brother valued his wife more than his buddies! If he was in ancient times, he would be deemed as a foolish ruler!

“There is one more thing you need to remember, my wife.” Lu Xingzhis expression became more serious, and he said, “You are not in Jindo City any longer but at school.

We cant get ahold of the entire Nanjiang City with our current capabilities.

Therefore, you might have to hide the fact that you are my wife temporarily.”

Lu Xingzhis buddies capabilities were like young eagles whose feathers were not fully grown.

Each one of them was still in their growing phase.

They could take hold of Jindo City with ease, so if Jiang Yao was living in Jindo City, he was confident that he could ensure her safety.

However, Jiang Yao was currently in Nanjiang City, so it was better to be safe than sorry in many things.

Lu Xingzhi did not dare to joke around regarding Jiang Yaos safety.

Hence, the identity of Jiang Yao being Lu Xingzhis wife could never be spread around.

The people he had met when he came to Nanjiang City this time had been warned not to do so, and he believed that they did not have the guts to spread it around.

Because of that, Lu Xingzhi swore to himself that he had to become more powerful.

“Jiang Yao, hes right.

Its all for your own good.” Chen Xuyao added, “It would have been better if you were in Jindo City.

Although Xingzhi is always at the platoon, the rest of us are in Jindo City so we can still take care of you, not to mention it would also be easier to secretly arrange a personal bodyguard for you.

However, Nanjiang City is too far from Jindo City.

We have power in Jindo City but not the whole country.

Xingzhi is powerful in Jindo City and his platoon.

Therefore, to protect yourself, when you are dealing with others in Nanjiang City, do mention less about Xingzhi to insignificant people.”

Jiang Yao understood a part of what they were saying, but she was not so sure either.

“My wife, I have been a soldier for so many years and have gone on countless missions.

My hands have been tainted by many peoples lives and blood, and a lot of them are outlaws.

I dont know who is waiting to end my life.

Although I use nicknames when I carry out my missions and my information is not accessible to normal people, I cannot guarantee that nobody will find out my identity as Lu Xingzhi through my nickname.” Lu Xingzhi explained to Jiang Yao in detail as he was afraid that she would misunderstand him.

“If anyone looks into my information, it is impossible for them to find my hometown.

They can only get hold of fake information.

When they look into me by following that information, my platoon will receive the news.

However, if your identity as my wife is publicly known, the people with bad intentions might target you instead if they fail to find out information about the Lu family.”

Even Jiang Yaos information was only partially true, not to mention Lu Xingzhis information.

If anyone really looked into Jiang Yaos student status, they would only able to find out fake information that had been arranged by Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi and his whole familys data was top secrecy and highly protected by the platoon.

This was to protect Lu Xingzhi and his family, ensuring the safety of the entire Lu family.

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