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Chapter 2097: I Hope Not

Surprisingly, the MMS was a photo of two people.

The photo was taken at the entrance of the hotel.

It was a photo of a man and a woman.

The woman was in a bright red dress, and the man only had one side profile.

It was Liang Yueze, who Jiang Yao was very familiar with.

The two of them walked side by side.

Liang Yuezes expression could not be seen because the photo only captures his side profile with his head lowered.

However, the smile on the womans face was evident.

Her eyes were looking at Liang Yueze.

She seemed happy.

There was another sentence in the MMS message.

[We went to the hotel together last night.

He was great.]

Jiang Yao finally understood why Luo Ruoran said that Liang Yueze had a new girlfriend.

It turned out that Liang Yuezes new girlfriend had been harassing her.

It looked like it was not the first time either.

Even though the photo was taken at the hotel, looking at Liang Yuezes usually cold side profile, Jiang Yao did not think that Liang Yueze and the woman were together.

Although the two seemed close, they did not hold hands intimately.

Jiang Yao forwarded the photo to her phone, and she also saved the phone number.

She would not do anything if she did not know about it, but since she did, she had to help Luo Ruoran figure it out.

After saving the photo, Jiang Yao deleted the MMS and put the womans phone number into the blocked contact list.

Luo Ruoran would never hear from that woman again.

Although Luo Ruoran was only a new mother, she was very good at coaxing her child.

Not long after she went out, the baby had stopped crying.

Occasionally, she could hear the adults trying to tease the baby.

When Jiang Yao went out, she heard Mrs.

Lu say how the baby looked like Liang Yueze.

She told Mrs.

Jiang that the child in Jiang Yaos stomach would look like Jiang Yao in the future.


Lu said cheerfully, “Both husband and wife are good-looking.

The child can look like either of them.

However, Xingzhis personality would be better since its a baby boy.

Weve never needed to worry about Xingzhi since he was young.

Its good if a child has their own opinions.”

“I hope not.

Xingzhi didnt like to talk before he met Yaoyao.

He has been like that since he was young.

When he was very young, I wondered if something was wrong with him.” Mrs.

Lu shook her head repeatedly.

“I want a happy grandson.”

“Its good for boys to be like Xingzhi.

Girls can be a little more delicate.” Mrs.

Jiang looked at Jiang Yao, who came out of the bedroom and teased her.

“Yaoyao may seem to be worry-free now.

When she was young, she would go up onto the roof.

Anyway, her two older brothers would take the blame when something happened to her.

Her two older brothers would be the scapegoats if she did anything bad.

If she cried, she would get candy.

That was why she was so energetic when she was young.”

Jiang Yao wanted to turn around and go back to her room.

She was a little embarrassed to hear about what happened when she was young.

When she was young, besides getting good grades, she was not a very obedient child.

However, she was used to acting coquettishly.

Therefore, when she got into trouble, Jiang Jie and Jiang Lei would take the blame.

However, most of the time, Jiang Lei took the blame.

When she was young, she did many things, like climbing a tree to get bird eggs.

She often climbed the big plum tree at the village entrance to cool down.

Every time she was found, she would get beaten up.

However, whenever she saw her mothers angry face, she would cry and say she would not do it again.

Then, her mom would not hit her.

However, she did not change.

Instead, she changed her habit of climbing trees because she knew that girls did not look good doing that..

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