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Jiang Yao curled her lips and said, “His expression wasnt right Well, we dont need to make any guesses.

It must be the person who asked him to do that.

Sergeant Hus father was conflicted, so the expression on his face was not right.

Oh, right, did the boss of the snack bar say whether the person was a man or a woman”

Lu Xingzhi said, “The boss was the one who answered the phone.

He thought it was a man, but his voice sounded strange.

Maybe the other party was deliberately speaking in a different voice.

We can only say that it is more likely to be a man, but we cant rule out the possibility that it is a woman.”

People like that should be well prepared, so they would know to change their voice.

Sergeant Hus fathers suicide note did not mention that person at all.

Even though Sergeant Hus father had committed suicide due to guilt, he still wanted to protect that person.

Lu Xingzhi felt that that old friend must be very important to Sergeant Hus father.

Perhaps he owed him a great favor.

If that was the case, then it might be easier to investigate.Please support our Bonnovel.com

“Its good that you have a lead.”

Jiang Yao rubbed against Lu Xingzhis chest.

“But when Mom and Dad return home, you must arrange for someone to protect them, as well as my elder brother and sister-in-law.”

Even though Chu Sheng said the mastermind would not lay a finger on her and Lu Xingzhis family, that was only a guess.

What if that person harmed their family members because they could not lay their hands on Jiang Yao or Lu Xingzhi

“Are you afraid” Lu Xingzhi touched the side of Jiang Yaos face gently.

“It seems like youre married to someone with a dangerous life.

Im always at risk due to my profession.

It might also put you and our baby in danger.”

Lu Xingzhi sighed heavily.

“Your father and mother seemed to regret marrying you to me.

If they had known earlier that you were going to live such a fearful life with me, they would have refused to marry you to me.”

Jiang Yao snickered softly.

“Thats natural.”


and Mrs.

Jiang did not leave the village much.

They only knew that soldiers had stable jobs and salaries.

Her parents agreed to their marriage because they saw Lu Xingzhis love for her, and he had a great family.

At that time, Jiang Yaos parents did not think about Lu Xingzhis job as a soldier.

They did not know that her husband would be busy all year round, and she had to endure the danger that a soldiers husband brought home.

If Jiang Yaos parents had thought about that, they would prefer Jiang Yao to marry someone ordinary and live a peaceful and carefree life, no matter how good Lu Xingzhi or his family was.

“What would you have done if my father and mother disagreed” Jiang Yao looked up at Lu Xingzhi in amusement.

“I dont know.”

Lu Xingzhi shook his head sincerely.

“To convince your father and mother, I did everything I could and showed them all my sincerity.”

At that time, he had racked his brains and used all his means.

Jiang Yao scolded Lu Xingzhi with a laugh.

“How stupid.

Youre so good-looking.

Of course, you used your face to seduce me and steal my heart.

If I wanted to marry you, my father and mother would not be able to stop me.” Lu Xingzhi was stunned for a few seconds.

Then he laughed.

Jiang Yao never hid her admiration for his good looks, nor did she conceal her liking for his face.

She was too honest and too cute..


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