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“You seem strong enough to speak.

Your mother-in-law cooked this for you.

She told me to bring this here for you.” Mrs.

Jiang placed the lunchbox in front of Jiang Yao and said, “If you can, eat some.

Xingzhi has been waiting for you to wake up so that he could have dinner with you.

But he hasnt eaten yet.”

Therefore, Mrs.

Jiang thought they had made the right decision when they let Lu Xingzhi marry Jiang Yao.

She could never let such a good son-in-law get away.Please supp0rt our Bonn0vel.com

Jiang Yao giggled and then sniffed the lunchbox.

She did not feel as uncomfortable as she did in the afternoon.

The food was very light, so she did not feel nauseous when she smelled it.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

Jiang Yao wanted to eat more, but she could not finish it.

Then, she watched Lu Xingzhi eat.

He brought some food to her lips, and she reluctantly opened her mouth to eat two mouthfuls.

Lu Xingzhi did not plan to return to the army base that night.

The army had to deal with the competition for the past two days.

They would not make any progress if they could not find Sergeant Hu.

So, he did not need to return to the army base.

The seniors stayed in the hospital with Jiang Yao until ten at night before returning to the hotel to rest.

When they left, Mrs.

Jiang and Mrs.

Lu discussed what to cook for Jiang Yao the next morning.

They perceived Jiang Yao eating at night without vomiting as some improvement.

Even if she only ate a little.

It was a big world.

If a person intended to hide, even if they were a veteran, it might take more than ten days to half a month.

It was almost impossible to find that person for an even longer period.

Therefore, everyone was prepared to fight the battle.

Everyone thought Sergeant Hus father had done something unforgivable.

Even if it took a year to find him, they would still have to find him.

However, to everyones surprise, it only took a few hours to find him.

One of Lu Xingzhis men found Sergeant Hus father.

It was the middle of the night, but the man did not know whether it was good or bad.

“Young Master Lu, the good news is that the person you are looking for has been found.

The bad news is that the person has already died.

He committed suicide.”

That man said, “He committed suicide by lying on the train tracks.

When he saw a train coming, he suddenly rushed toward the railway and was killed by the train.

Many people at the railway junction saw that scene, so there was no doubt he had committed suicide.

He also had a suicide note on him, but it was mostly stained with blood.

Many of the words were already blurred.”

“He bought a ticket to his hometown but got off the train midway.

Someone saw him sitting in the station alone for two hours and then writing in a book in the waiting room.

He scribbled for a long time before he left the station.

I guess he was writing a suicide note.

When he left, he left his luggage in the waiting room.

The luggage is still at the station service desk..”


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