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Chapter 2027: Not Over Yet

The pregnant woman could not hold back her tiredness.

Lu Xingzhi wanted to discuss the childs name with Jiang Yao, but Jiang Yao yawned and fell asleep on his shoulder.

The next day, Jiang Yao had breakfast and went to the university.

By the time she returned home, Ye Xueli was no longer on the army base.

She heard that Colonel Ye had driven her away at dawn.

After that, he went to see the chief.

Ye Xueli was not a soldier.

So, the army had limited options in dishing out the appropriate punishment for her.

Furthermore, Ye Xueli did not cause any real harm to Jiang Yao.

When Jiang Yao returned home that night, she received an apology letter from Colonel Ye.

Colonel Ye wrote it for failing to discipline his daughter as a father.

The chief meant to end the issue with that.Support our Bonnovel.com

However, when Lu Xingzhi saw the letter, he threw it into the trash can without any intention of letting Jiang Yao open it.

“The army wants to let this go, but I wont let it go so easily,” Lu Xingzhi sneered.

“Colonel Ye thought everything would be fine once he sent his daughter back to their hometown.

She didnt even apologize personally.

We cant let this go just like that.

Just you wait.

I will make Ye Xueli apologize to you.”

Maybe other people thought that a few words did not cause any real harm to Jiang Yao.

Perhaps Ye Xueli felt the same way.

Jiang Yao did not get injured, so what was the big deal

However, Lu Xingzhi saw how Jiang Yao sat in the courtyard, sulking and feeling sorry for herself.

He saw how she held back tears and told him she was fine.

He took it to heart.

“Xingzhi, why dont we call it a day”

Jiang Yao tugged at Lu Xingzhis hand.

“Now, no one in the army dares gossip behind our backs.

We are fine.”

She was afraid that nothing could appease her husband.

“We can forget about everything except your grievances.” Lu Xingzhi touched Jiang Yaos belly gently.

“And our child cant either.

He hasnt even been born yet, and he already has to suffer through this Will I let this happen to my son

He was a proud man, and his son was a treasure from the heavens.

Lu Xingzhi read Liang Yuezes information about Colonel Ye and his family because they were neighbors.

Lu Xingzhi had a good memory.

He remembered where Colonel Yes hometown was.

He also recognized the mans family members, jobs, ages, and appearances.

Did Ye Xueli think the matter was over because she had returned to her hometown

She must be dreaming in a fantasy!


Lu Xingzhi did not want Jiang Yao to worry too much, so he did not say much about what he would do.

Instead, he brought up another topic.

The opening ceremony for the armys numerous talent competitions is the day after tomorrow.

It is the first day.

Do you want to take two days off from school to see the tournament If youre not too busy”

Lu Xingzhi tucked Jiang Yaos hair behind her ear and played with it.

“Ill show you how your husband can crush everyone.”

The competition was supposed to be held earlier but had been pushed back because of some sudden events.

Then, it was the rainy season, so it was postponed again.

“I dont want to watch it.

Jiang Yao smiled and shook her head.

“Im tired of watching it every night.”

Obviously, like most women, she did not mean what she said..

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