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Colonel Yes wifes words sounded genuine, especially when she spoke of those two Mrs.


They hauled her along and talked for a long time, asking about Ye Xueli as soon as they saw her.

They thought that Ye Xueli had caused them harm.

The entire army understood that the rumor was made up entirely of Ye Xuelis nonsense.

Ye Xueli confirmed it in front of the chief last night.

She only thought of Colonel Lus wife.

She was envious because she had married a good man like Colonel Lu.

That was why she used such venomous words to slander his wife.

Everyone had guessed that privately.

Ye Xueli must have wanted to make Colonel Lu suspicious of his wife and then divorce her.

She must have also wanted to make Jiang Yao angry so that something terrible would happen to the pregnancy.

Ye Xueli would be happy if that incident took two lives.Support our Bonnovel.com

If Colonel Lu were to lose his wife, his neighbor would be able to take advantage of the situation.

The gossip stopped when they realized that Lu Xingzhi would protect his wife to the extent that he was willing to throw Colonel Yes daughter under the bus.

They finally knew they could not bully Colonel Lus wife, so they stopped saying anything.

They knew he would not let them go so easily if he heard those rumors.

Even the Lin families held drudges against Ye Xueli.

No one would hold back their words when anyone mentioned Ye Xueli.

They treated her as if she was the most vicious person.

Everyone, perhaps eight out of ten people, would say that.

It was as if Ye Xueli had really become such a vicious person.

“Shut up! Shut up!” Her stepmother provoked Ye Xueli, and she yelled at the top of her voice.

She did not want to hear those words.

Since she returned to the army base, she did not dare go out again.

She had never been chastised like that before, even when she was stubborn and tried to end the engagement.

It was as humiliating as being a rat on the street.

“Do you still care about your dignity”

Colonel Ye was suffering from a headache due to Ye Xuelis piercing voice.

“You are willing to do it, but you are not willing to let others know about it What have you been studying for all those years How could you possibly do such a thing”

“Are you my father or Jiang Yaos father You know Ive lost my job at school.

What else can you do besides beating me and scolding me I dont have a job now.

They kicked me out of school, leaving me with a bad rap on my record.

Youre my father..

Have you thought about how you will help me get out of this What else do you know besides yelling at me”


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