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Jiang Yao looked at Ye Xueli coldly and said, “Its pointless to have only words without evidence.

Youre not afraid because you think we dont have evidence against you.

Whats the difference between these thoughts and pulling a knife to kill someone”

Jiang Yao took a pocket watch from her pocket and said, “Have you seen a movie about hypnosis That is one of the psychotherapy methods in the medical field.

Coincidentally, hypnosis is also used in criminal investigations abroad.”

Ye Xuelis expression darkened.

Everyone heard of hypnosis, and most people would have watched the famous movie about it.

That was how they learned of the word.


Lu, you know hypnosis Thats so cool! “Xiao Shan said with a shocked expression.

Jiang Yao smiled and waved the pocket watch in her hand.

“Hypnosis can make people tell the truth.

Do you dare let me hypnotize you

Ye Xueli had also seen the movie; she would not dare let her do that.

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She feared she would reveal her hidden thoughts after Jiang Yao hypnotized her.

She did not even dare to look at the pocket watch in Jiang Yaos hand.

She was afraid she would fall into Jiang Yaos trap if she took another look.

Therefore, she was scared.

She wanted to turn around and run away.

However, the matter would not end just because she ran away.

“You said that you are innocent.

Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows and said, “Then let me hypnotize you.

There are so many people here, and the chief is also here.

Even if I hypnotize you, I wont be able to do anything bad to you.

Id ask you if you were the one who spread the rumor.

It wont take two minutes.

Rest assured about my skills in hypnotism.

Im an expert, and it hasnt failed me yet.”

Jiang Yao moved closer to Ye Xueli.

She whispered into her ear, “Do you really think youd be able to escape if I wanted to hypnotize you Ill catch you off guard.

We dont have to do this today.

I can hypnotize you in front of the entire army so that you can admit to spreading those vicious rumors about me.

I can also turn you into a retard, just like in the movie.”

Jiang Yaos voice was very soft.

No one could hear her words except for Ye Xueli.


However, they could see the change in Ye Xuelis expression.

Her face was as pale as a piece of paper in an instant.

Before Jiang Yao could finish speaking, Ye Xueli broke down first.

“I admit it! I admit it! It was me who said it! It was me!” Then, she covered her face and ran away while crymg.

However, she tripped at the doorsill and fell.

She did not have time to register the pain, but she got up and continued runnmg.

Jiang Yaos voice was cold.

Ye Xueli thought she had hypnotized her into the crazy person in the movies.

The character could no longer think rationally.

He would bang his head against the wall until it bled.

He would do it daily as if he knew no pain.

He did that until he had a bloodied wound on his head.

He knew he would die, but he jammed his finger into the wound until he was finally gone..


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