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“It was Ye Xueli who told us.

We even asked her how she knew about that.

She said that she lived next door to Colonel Lus house.

How could she not know about their movements She spoke as if it was the truth, and we believed her.

It was also our fault for not being able to keep our mouths shut when we spread the news.

We didnt expect that the matter would spread like wildfire.

After that, everyone knew about it.”

The two women knew that something bad would happen.

By then, everyone had heard the secretive news.

Lu Xingzhi would never let the matter rest.

So, the two women were not surprised when they got called in for questioning that night.

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After Lu Xingzhi heard that, he shot Ye Xueli a murderous look.

“What else do you have to say

“It wasnt me! I didnt say anything!” Ye Xueli refused to admit it.

“Perhaps it was they who spouted nonsense.

Now, theyre blaming me!”

“Ye Xueli, dont you have any conscience You were the one who told us that.

Thats the truth,” Xiao Lins wife said.

“Everyone knew you liked Colonel Lu.

You must have made up the rumor.

You know we are talkative, so you deliberately told us its a secret.

You were hoping wed tell everyone else.

You thought Colonel Lu would be angry and leave his wife.

Then, youd get a chance to be with him, right”

Ye Xuelis face paled.

It was obvious that the point had hit home.

She did not expect that Xiao Lins wife would expose her thoughts.

Ye Xueli thought that the woman was ignorant; she did not think the woman could guess everything correctly.

“Alright, you can go.

In any case, you are not blameless.

Youll have to wait for your punishment.” The chief waved his hand and chased them out.

Then, he said to Lu Xingzhi, “The army will give you and your wife an explanation for this matter.

As for Ye Xuelis punishment, I have to consider it.”

Ye Xueli was not part of the army, so the chief needed a more appropriate punishment for her.

He had to discuss it with others.

“Chief, I didnt do it!”

Ye Xueli was so anxious that she began to cry.

She took hold of the chiefs hand.

“Chief, youve been a part of my life growing up.

I admit that I like Colonel Lu, but its not something I can control.

However, I didnt do anything to hurt other people.”

“Well do a test to determine that.”


A clear and cold voice suddenly came from the door.


Lu!” Xiao Shan was pleasantly surprised.

Jiang Yao put her hands in her pockets and walked into the room.

“Chief, Im sorry that Im late, and if you were worried about me.”

“This is army business too.”

The chief felt embarrassed.

He remembered when Jiang Yao treated Colonel Shaos illness.

“Ye Xueli, do you really think we cant do anything just because you dont admit to it”


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