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Zhou Junmin sighed as he said, “Theres not anything we can do about it.

We can only phone them before contacting the police to have someone deal with it.

However, now that its raining, there are fewer people around.

The cops hadnt even arrived to apprehend that gang of miscreants.

Theyll get into trouble if they dont keep an eye on one of them.

Well, they were asking for it.

That place collapsed and buried their family.

Lu Xingzhi removed his apron and said to Jiang Yao, who was walking out of the kitchen, “I have something urgent to do.

Eat your dinner.

Dont wait for me.

If Im not back by 10 oclock, you might as well sleep first.”

Then, Lu Xingzhi went to the kitchen to bring the dishes to the dining table.

Then, he pulled Jiang Yao to sit down.

“You must eat at least two servings.”

Jiang Yao curled her lips.

She rolled her eyes at Lu Xingzhi.

“Got it.

Be careful.” Lu Xingzhi grunted and left hurriedly with Zhou Junmin.

The geological conditions in and around Luo City were not particularly poor.

It would not cause a large-scale landslide.

Mudslides were likewise rare.

The peasants had dug the mountain to collect soil at the road near the intersection.

As a result, if they had a rainstorm for several days, it could be hazardous.

The army had deployed soldiers to cope with the situation as soon as the rainy season arrived to ensure everyones safety.

They did not expect that something terrible would still happen.

Lu Xingzhi left with Zhou Junmin.

When he arrived at the place of the accident, his face turned cold.

Villagers stood on the sidelines, watching.

They commented that the family had deserved it.

They had been warned not to pry the bricks apart, but they had ignored their advice.

Fortunately, they were the ones involved in the accident.

It would be worse if any other passersby were buried with them.

There were also a few grieving and crying relatives of the buried family.

The village chief had already brought some young men to dig the soil to save those victims.

A five-year-old child was lying next to them.

It was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

The military doctor followed Lu Xingzhi and the others as they walked from the army truck.

He quickly walked to the child, touched him, and said, “The child still has a weak pulse, but he will die if we dont send him to the hospital in time.”

After all, the young child had been buried in the ground for such a long time.

His life was so fragile.

What could he do to save the child

The infirmary at the army base had limited resources.

They could not even treat pneumonia.

How could they save the child

The army was willing to send the child to the city hospital, but the road was blocked, and there was no way out.

The villagers heard the military doctors words and shook their heads.

“Its their own fault.

They blocked the army truck and didnt care about other peoples love when they pried those bricks.

Now, they have buried themselves.

The road is blocked, and we cant send the child to the hospital.

Those villagers were kind people despite their words.

They felt helpless and sympathetic about the situation.

They had no choice.

There was only one road, and it was blocked.

They could only watch.

They could have climbed the mountain, but it was raining heavily.

Who dared climb it

Furthermore, would it be of any use even if they dared to go into the mountain Could the child survive the three to four hours journey


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