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Lu Xingzhi asked, “I have a wife who cares for me.

Of course, Im not the same as him.

I had a fever, and you noticed it last night.

After you took care of me the whole night, I felt much better in the morning.

He didnt have a wife.

Thats why he almost died from the illness if the soldier didnt take him to the infirmary.”

Well, that made sense.

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at him and did not want to continue the nonsense with him.

Just as she was about to get up, Jiang Yaos phone rang.

It was Lu Xiaoxiao.

Jiang Yao remembered that Lu Xingzhi probably had not had time to deal with Lu Xiaoxiaos matter because he had been busy with the army for the past few days.

“Jiang Yao, is my brother with you Why cant I get through to his phone” Lu Xiaoxiao quickly asked, “Its been raining here recently.

He is not out on a mission, is he”

“The rainwater damaged his phone.

Its broken and hasnt been repaired yet.

Were in the army base now.” Jiang Yao did not tell Lu Xiaoxiao about Lu

Xingzhis fever because if Lu Xiaoxiao knew, the elders would know as well.

With Lu Xingzhis temper, he would not want a small matter to cause his family to worry about him.

“Thats good.

Then I wont worry about him.” Lu Xiaoxiao heaved a sigh of relief.

“I thought he went on a mission.

I only heard about the impact of last years rainy season in Nanjiang City.

I was afraid of that.”

“Youre still in Nanjiang City You havent returned to Jindo City” Jiang Yao was surprised.

“I thought you would go back after staying in Nanjiang City for one day.”

After all, Lu Xiaoxiao was not so free anymore.

She was tied up with work.

“I did want to go back to Jindo City, but theres no rush now.” Lu Xiaoxiao sounded helpless.

“The company kicked me out.

They found a random reason to cancel my contract.

Zhou Hailan used her connections to pressure someone into that decision.

No company wants to sign me now.

After all, shes a big star, and Im a rookie.

I cant win over her, can I”

“Does Zhou Hailan think she can turn the world upside down”

Jiang Yao was furious.

“Your brother has been busy with the army these past few days.

When hes free, hell avenge you.”

“Its nothing.”

Lu Xiaoxiao was not anxious at all.

“Sister Yuqings company will find another famous female star to be the spokesperson.

Ill get another project as a supporting character.

When the time comes, the company will sign me again.

At least Ill be able to gain some popularity along the way.

Brother Jiang Lei said that he has recently inspected a few film studios.

Hell invest in one when he finds a satisfactory studio.

Hell let me join his projects when that happens, so I dont have to audition for other people.”

Most of the crew would always be polite toward the actors due to the gap in their statuses.

Lu Xiaoxiao was a talent that could be molded.

In addition, she was amiable and hardworking.

Jiang Lei felt that Lu Xiaoxiao would not have a hard time if she joined a project because of his connections..


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