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Chapter 1961: Heres An Idea

“Someone I shouldnt offend” Zhou Hailan was dumbfounded.

“Isnt Lu Xiaoxiao a newcomer Her brother and sister-in-law are also from a small town Why cant I offend them” Zhou Hailan did not quite believe it.

“Did he say that to scare me Because he doesnt want me to bug him”

“Hailan, you need to go find Lu Xiaoxiao.”

The manager was much more rational than Zhou Hailan.

He was not afraid of her.

Zhou Hailan might be a big star, but those people could deal with her relatively easily.

Therefore, Zhou Hailans man had no reason to say such words to get rid of her.

He thought he should remind her as he valued their friendship.

“I dont believe it!”Support our Bonovel.com

Zhou Hailan shook her head and bit her lip.

“I dont believe it!”

Then, she desperately dialed the number she could not get through to.

It was already evening when Lu Xingzhi received the contract signed by Zhou Hailan and Jiang Yaos jewelry company.

Lu Yuqing sent people to deliver it to Lu Xingzhi at the army base.

Lu Xingzhi only flipped through a few pages before throwing it aside.

He had a plan in mind, and he already had a way to terminate the contract with Zhou Hailan.

Lu Xingzhi was in a happy mood as he walked to the entrance to pick up Jiang Yao and bring her home.

There was finally a solution to the problem, and it was a unique way to express his rage.

He even grinned a few times on the way home with his wife.

He appeared to be considerably more animated than usual.

“Did you take stimulants”

Jiang Yao poked Lu Xingzhis arm.

“Why are you so happy

“I received the contract sent by my sister.

Its the contract with Zhou Hailan.

Ive thought of a way to terminate the contract.” Lu Xingzhi waited until he entered the door before he turned around to pinch Jiang Yaos nose.

“Say something nice, and Ill tell you.”

“The company has lax,vyers who are responsible for the contract.

Changkang Group has a legal department with many professional lavvyers.

Many of them were poached by my sister and Manager Sun.” Jiang Yaos curiosity was piqued.

“Therefore, logically, there shouldnt be any loopholes in the contract.”

“Its not considered a loophole.”

Lu Xingzhi urged Jiang Yao to sit on the sofa.

“Theres a clause in the contract.

Its a standard clause to protect the interests of the company.

The contract requires Party B not to do any damage to the image of Party A and Party B during the validity of the contract, including the photos, reputation, and other things.

If Party B violates the clause, Party A can terminate the contract without penalty.

Party A can even demand a certain amount of compensation from Party B.”

Lu Xingzhi was talking about the general content of the clause, but Jiang Yao understood it.

That clause was included in most commercial contracts.

Under normal circumstances, Party B, the artist, would not do anything to damage his image and reputation.

After all, reputation was critical to an artist, so that clause was not very useful.

The two parties were in a win-win situation.

If Party B, as the spokesperson, had a bad image and reputation, it would be harmful to Party A.

Therefore, Party A was unlikely to do anything to harm Party B under the contract..

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