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Chapter 1947: So Shameless

When the person in charge knew the younger womans identity, he celebrated in his heart.

That young woman was not only able to endure hardships, but she was also gentle, cute, and lovable!

She was also Director Lus sister!

Regardless of whether she relied on Director Lu to get that advertisement, she had her own qualifications.

So what if she got the job through some connections

How could Director Lus sister not choose to be willful She must have been born with a golden spoon in her mouth.

However, she did not put on any airs.

The person in charge also wondered why he did not make the connection when Lu Xiaoxiao and Director Lu had the same surname

“Well, you heard the call just now.

And you even said so yourself.

Were you only joking I thought you were for real.” Jiang Yao patted the dumbfounded Lu Xiaoxiaos shoulder.

Although she was smiling when she spoke, the smile did not reach her eyes.

She looked cold and indifferent.

“Do you really think its our loss if we lose you Well, if youre that confident, lets terminate the contract now.” They could find another big star who was not Zhou Hailan.

“That penalty is no big deal at all.

Its only a few hundred thousand bucks.

A person like me would never be able to earn it in my lifetime.

But its just a drop in the bucket for a big star like Zhou Hailan, right You are so generous.

You can lose the companys ring just like that.

Youre rich and willful.

I do envy you.”

Jiang Yaos words sounded insincere.

She praised her but did not mean it.

She was being sarcastic.

Even a fool could tell that those words were not true.

Zhou Hailan and her managers faces paled when Jiang Yao insulted them.

“How can you say that Hailan lost the ringPlease keep reading on listn0vel.c0m

Zhou Hailans manager refused to let go.

The ring was worth more than 100,000 bucks, and the penalty was another 100,000 bucks.

How could Zhou Hailan work for free

“When the police come, they will investigate the matter.

Anyway, there are so many people watching here.

They will find out about it when the time comes,” the person in charge said.

“Then, are we still shooting this commercial”

The photographer was also angry.

He shouted at Zhou Hailan, “Why are you so nosy You were the one who wore the ring just now.

I saw you on the way to the bathroom.

Didnt I remind you not to take the jewelry out of here”

The photographer was also a big shot that they hired for the shoot.

Those in the industry knew that the photographers talent and temper were proportional to each other.

He had as much talent as his temper.

He had not looked at Zhou Hailan because he was annoyed and could not be bothered with her.

Then, he got impatient, so he opened his mouth to expose Zhou Hailan, who had refused to admit it.

He did not like Zhou Hailan, who had a bigger temper than her ability and would not take responsibility for her mistakes.

“We wont cancel the contract!” Zhou Hailans manager said.

Then, he pointed at Lu Xiaoxiao and said, “But we want to change her role.”

Jiang Yao was about to open her mouth when Lu Xingzhis voice came from the door.

“Do you think you can change the boss mind”

When Lu Xingzhi reached that place, he heard the commotion.

He stopped at the door when he learned that Zhou Hailan had attacked Lu Xiaoxiao..

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