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Chapter 1942: Its Not Easy To Cure A Vicious Mind

“Yes, dont be afraid.

Auntie Lu and Uncle Lu are also here.

Furthermore, the director and Auntie Lu are very good to us.” One of the boys nodded.

His words were filled with trust in Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi.

The children were very simple-minded., but they knew who was good to them.

Jiang Yao followed Zhou Junmin into a room.

It was not big, but it was clean and tidy.

There was a table in it.

Zhou Junmin placed Jiang Yaos tools on it.

Jiang Yao could not be bothered to go to the city to get all the things she needed, so she took them out of the medical system, but only Lu Xingzhi knew about it.

“Doctor Jiang.”

While Jiang Yao was busy with Zhou Junmin, Ye Xueli stood at the door and knocked.

“Im here to see if theres anything I can help with.

Why didnt we get a real doctor to do this I heard that Doctor Jiang is still a student.

I didnt expect that students would be so amazing these days.”

“Ye Xueli, what are you trying to say”

Zhou Junmins tone was fierce.

Even though he was always laughing like he did not have a temper, it was scary when he got angry.

The matter was not over yet.

Zhou Jun Min blocked the door to prevent Ye Xueli from entering the room.

“It doesnt matter if Mrs.

Lu is a student or not, but she is more than skillful in curing your mental illness.”

Zhou Jun Min sneered at her.

“Mental illness can be cured but not malicious thoughts.”

Ye Xueli bit her lip, and her face stiffened slightly.

She had seen anyone disrespect her like that.

She looked at Jiang Yao and saw that she only lowered her head and did not say anything.

She did not believe that Jiang Yao did not hear Zhou Junmins words.

She had heard it, but she did not say anything to stop him.

The people in the army base said that Colonel Lus wife was gentle and treated people well.

She always had a smile on her face, and when she spoke to others, she was also gentle and kind.

She was very amiable.

The children liked to play around her.

However, Ye Xueli felt that those people were all blind.

How did they not see the real her She was only pretending.

Ye Xueli looked at Zhou Junmin, who was blocking her way, and said to Jiang Yao, “Doctor Jiang, Im here to help you.”

“Youre not my patient, so you dont have to call me Doctor Jiang.

A primary school teacher like you wont be able to help me.

If you want to do something for the children, then just keep teaching them.”

Jiang Yao knew that Ye Xueli only wanted to mock her for being in the limelight.

“What do you mean”

A hint of anger flashed in Ye Xuelis eyes.

What did Jiang Yao mean by that Did she think that she was not qualified to be her assistant

“Whatever you think it means.”

After Jiang Yao set up the tools, she waved at Yanzi.

“Go and get your friends here.”

Yanzi could not stand it any longer and quickly ran out to call for her friends.

Xiao Ding was always the one to lead that group of children.

So, he hated the Ye family more than Jiang Yao and the others.

“Why are you here again”

Xiao Ding stood at the door and frowned.

“Why are you here You know that you dont like us, but you still pretend.

We know you have ulterior motives.

Dont you have any shame Uncle Lu already has Auntie Lu, yet you think you can talk to him here.”

Zhou Junmin knew that Ye Xueli did not seem like a loving person..

It turned out that she was there for another purpose!

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