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“You can stay here.

Ill go back to Ruorans place to get some things she needs.” Mrs.

Luo decided to head home when she realized that Liang Yueze had no intention of leaving.

Luo Ruoran had had an accident that caused her to have her baby half a month early.

She had rushed to the hospital, so she did not have time to make any preparations.

Liang Yueze stood up when he heard that.

“Mom, Ill go.

Ruoran might be scared if she doesnt see you when she wakes up.

You can tell me what you need, and Ill go get them.”

It was a reasonable thought, so Mrs.

Luo nodded in agreement.

She picked up a pen and wrote down the things she wanted.

Then, she said, “If you cant find them, ask the servants at home.

They must have prepared dinner too.”

Liang Yueze took the keys from Mrs.

Luo and left the hospital.

Then, Mrs.

Luo returned to the baby.

She touched the baby gently.

“Dont be as stubborn as your parents when you grow up.

I dont know if this is a blessing for you, but I hope you can be a happy child.”

The baby was asleep; he had no response to that.

His grandmother smiled.

Then Mrs.

Luo looked at her daughter.

Suddenly, she remembered that she did not tell Liang Yueze where Luo Ruoran lived.

Liang Yueze also did not ask.

He must have left and gotten into his car.


Luo thought of some possibilities and laughed silently.

Liang Yueze must have paid attention to her daughter, so he did not need to ask where her home was.

Liang Yueze got into the cab and went straight to Luo Ruorans residence.

It was in a two-story house not far from Luo Ruorans company.

The servant was cooking at home.

When she heard the door open, she came out of the kitchen.

When she saw the man at the door, she asked, “Sir, youre back Did you come back from the hospital”

However, the servant did not hear an answer.

When she took a closer look, she realized that the person was bigger than the man who had stayed there.

“Who are you”

The man must have used a key to open the door, which meant that he was one of their relatives.

“I am—”

Liang Yueze did not want to reveal his identity as Luo Ruorans ex-husband because it meant that he would have to explain more later.

“I am Miss Luos brother..”

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