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Chapter 190: Are You Disappointed

The past was the past, what about now

Chen Zhibin had confirmed it with the doctor.

Even if his mother managed to gain consciousness and wake up, she could not take care of herself.

Ultimately, she would need personal assistance round-the-clock.

He could always hire various caregivers and maids with the money, but where could he look for someone who would genuinely care for his mother

Listening to Chen Zhibin, Lu Xingzhi gradually stopped talking.

He could not find any other reason to persuade Chen Zhibin.

The situation in the Lu family was vastly different from the Chen family.

Both his parents, Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu, were in good health and had each other as company.

He also had a sister who could visit them periodically as she lived in a city not far from his parents.

They were free from any financial worries as both his parents were in a good place in their respective careers.

Not to forget, the Lu family were also free from troubles as they enjoyed a special status in the city.

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi could not empathize with Chen Zhibin.

He could, however, understand Chen Zhibins thinking.

After a long silence, Chen Zhibin sobbed.

“I am sorry, Sergeant.”

Jiang Yao stood aside silently observing.

In Chen Zhibins teary apology, she sensed his reluctance to part with his platoon and his regret toward his Sergeant.

Lu Xingzhi stayed silent.

He patted Chen Zhibin on the shoulder and said, “Take good care of your mother.

Whatever choice you make, you will always be a soldier under my command and I will always be your Sergeant.”

A brief pause later, he turned his gaze toward Jiang Yao and said, “I am going back to the platoon tomorrow.

Jiang Yao is studying in Nanjiang City.

Write down both our cellphone numbers and give us a call anytime you are having any troubles.”

From his remarks, Lu Xingzhi assured Chen Zhibin that even if he left the platoon, he would always be Lu Xingzhis soldier.

Whatever happened in the future, he would always have Lu Xingzhis support.

Before Chen Zhibin could respond, Lu Xingzhi called for Chen Xuyao and they left the hospital.

As the trio returned to the hotel, they saw the Qi still family lingering outside.

Lu Xingzhi gave them the cold-shoulder and chaperoned Jiang Yao into the hotel room, slamming the door in their faces.

He then dialed up Director Ye and requested for the formers assistance in dispersing the Qi family.

To Lu Xingzhi, they resembled dogs who were standing guard outside his room.

“Sit down, my love.” Lu Xingzhis expression softened as he heard waning footsteps leaving their room.

He poured Jiang Yao a cup of water and held her hand as he sat down next to her on the couch.

“The Zhang family is gone but the Qi family is still here.

Are you disappointed”

Jiang Yao was not too sure what Lu Xingzhis plans were, yet, she breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that the Qi family would still be around.

She remembered Chen Xuyao saying that the Qi family was not an easy target, unlike the Zhang family.

She was quite afraid that Lu Xingzhi would behave recklessly due to her rash actions.

“There is nothing to be disappointed about.” Jiang Yao held on to her cup and smiled.

She was not resentful as Qi Xiang did not harm her.

Rather, she was merely tired of people like Zhang Xiqing and Qi Xiang.

Unlike an immature child who retaliated an eye for an eye, Jiang Yao was better than that.

If she hated Qi Xiang, she could seek revenge whenever she wanted.

What was more, she was still looking for someone to experiment on with the various medicinal concoction formulae present in the complete herbology collection.

She mused at that thought.

There was a saying that went, “A ladys revenge is never too late.” She could always try the medicinal concoctions on Qi Xiang one formula at a time.

Pondering these notions gave Jiang Yao a sudden rush of excitement.

Lu Xingzhi examined her face thoroughly.

He did not see any unhappiness on her face.

Rather, there was a strange look of expectancy that he could not follow.

He broke into a faint smile as he caressed her hair.

Suddenly, he blurted out.

“You know, you do not have to wear heels anymore when you go out, you are just the perfect height for me.”

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