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Chapter 1866 Are You A Doctor

Jiang Yao stood by the car and touched Moes head.

She whispered, “Go find him and stay with him.

Tell him not to be afraid.”

Moe rolled his eyes at Jiang Yao and thought,With your mans character, would he really be afraid

However, seeing how worried Jiang Yao was, he still flicked his tail and dashed toward Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yao retracted her fist from her pocket.

Even though she knew he was fine, she could not stop her heart from pounding.

At that moment, she finally understood Lu Xingzhis feelings when he saw her in the crash that day.

She wished that she was the one who was trapped inside.

She really wished that it was her!

That scene reminded her of that rainy night when a rainstorm attacked the mountain village.

He had left his life there that night.

He was buried in the mountain.

She could only use her hands to dig through the soil, trying to bring him out.

At that time, she did not have her new ability.

She did not know where he was buried, nor did she know how long he had been in pain before he finally died.

The ruins seemed to be replaying the pain she felt that night.

It had hurt.

Her heart had hurt.

She had already loved him so much and treated him as her everything.

At that moment, her heart had hurt.

“Where is the doctor Where is the doctor Why isnt the doctor here yet”

The angry roar snapped Jiang Yao back to her senses.

“Are those doctors useless Why havent they arrived” The young voice was crying and angry, and there was also a bit of helplessness and despair.

Jiang Yao quickly ran toward the source of the sound.

After running for more than ten meters, she finally saw the mess on the other side.

The explosion must have caused it.

A young soldier was lying on the ground, his entire body covered in blood.

Jiang Yao was worried about the soldiers leg, which had broken.

It looked like it was blown off.

It was a bloody mess from the knee up.

The unattached limb was nearby.

Jiang Yao finally understood why the other soldier was so desperate.

If the bleeding were not stopped, the soldier with the broken leg would bleed to death.

Jiang Yao looked in the direction of where Lu Xingzhi was before she ran toward the soldier.

She put her backpack on the ground and made a gesture to take something from it.

When her hand reached out from the bag, there were already many medicine bottles in her hand.

“Are you a doctor Are you a doctor” The soldiers voice trembled when he saw the medicine in her hand.

“Yes! Im a doctor!” Her reply was compelling.

It was as if it gave the soldier some hope.

Jiang Yao administered emergency hemostasis to the unconscious soldier.

Her medicine was so efficient that even Lu Xingzhi had been amazed by it, and she swiftly stopped the wounded soldiers bleeding.

While Jiang Yao was busy, the soldier had been helping her the entire time.

He handed Jiang Yao scissors and bandages.

When he saw that his comrades bleeding had finally stopped, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After Jiang Yao was done with her work, she walked toward the severed limb.

She said, “Its better to have a broken leg than to die.”

Jiang Yao looked at the wounded soldier and the soldier who had helped her.

They looked similar, so Jiang Yao guessed they might be blood brothers.

She took her backpack and proceeded toward the broken limb.

She rummaged in her luggage, pulling out bottles and jars.

She was expressionless when she used surgical scissors to cut off the fabric of the pants from the broken limb.

Then, she took a bottle of medicine and poured it onto the broken limb.

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