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Lu Xingzhi thought that her period was over, so he agreed.

Then, he said, “Dont set the air conditioners temperature too low in the bedroom.”

On second thought, she did not have her period.

He knew that she was afraid of the heat and had not eaten a popsicle for half a month, so he had agreed to buy one to satisfy her cravings.

It should have come.

Her period had always been regular.

She must have been so busy with Lu Yuqing that she forgot about it.

Jiang Yao laughed to herself.

She already had her period, so it meant she could eat ice cream for days.

Why was she so obedient

Lu Xingzhi went out for forty minutes before coming back.

When he returned, he had a watermelon in one hand and a bag in the other.

There were two ice cream bars in the bag.

As soon as Jiang Yao heard the door open, she went out of the bedroom.

First, she glanced at the big watermelon in his hand and knocked on it.

Then, she pretended to understand.

Finally, she heard Lu Xingzhis faint reply above her head, “Even if you break the watermelon, I wont open the door for you.”

What a cruel joke!

Jiang Yao touched the tip of her nose and took the bag in his hand.

When she opened it, she was overjoyed.

“You bought me two ice cream bars Why are you so good to me so suddenly”

“What are you talking about” Lu Xingzhi frowned.

“The other one is for Moe.”

Moe, who had been standing in the corner waiting to eat the watermelon, heard that he would get an ice cream bar too.

He wagged his tail and jumped onto Jiang Yaos shoulder, reaching out to grab the bag.

“Moe eats several popsicles a day!”

Jiang Yao looked down at the Moe and sighed.

“I am not even comparable to a cat.”

Lu Xingzhi chuckled and pretended not to hear her.

He carried the watermelon to the kitchen and prepared to cut them to quench his thirst.

The watermelon stall was at the village entrance.

There was a pool at the entrance.

The pool was not deep, but the water was cold.

The vendor had soaked the watermelons in the pool.

The temperature was as if he had taken it out of the refrigerator.

There was also a stall selling pudding next to the watermelon stall.

Lu Xingzhi heard the two stalls were set up at the entrance every summer.

Some of the puddings were also kept cold in the pool.

Lu Xingzhi thought of asking Jiang Yao if she wanted to try some of the puddings.

He remembered that Jiang Yao liked the puddings from her hometown, but he did not know if the ones in the village tasted the same.

Then, Jiang Yaos angry voice suddenly came from the living room.

“Im so angry!”

Lu Xingzhi could hear Jiang Yao stomping her feet angrily in the kitchen, followed by a crazy meow, which sounded like a laughing cat.

Lu Xingzhi put the watermelon on the table and quickly turned around to leave the kitchen.

As soon as he went out, he immediately knew what Jiang Yao was angry about when he saw the liquid on the ground.

It was probably because of the hot weather outside.

He bought some popsicles, and they had melted a little on the way back.

She had taken the ice cream out of the bag, opened the outer packaging, and the ice cream had fallen to the ground.

She was so angry that she blew up because she did not get to eat it..


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