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Chapter 1817: Matrilocal Son-inlaw

“If youre jealous, you should find someone to pamper you too.” Jiang Yao looked at Huang Chengjing meaningfully.

“You know that this life is pretty good..”

“I dont have any plans for that.

I think Im quite good by myself—free and unbothered.” Lu Yuqing acted as if she did not understand Jiang Yaos hint.

She lowered her head and took a sip of water, looking very pleased with herself.

She was not affected by Jiang Yaos words at all.

At that moment, Huang Chengjing raised his eyebrows indiscernibly.

Then, he said, “Chenchen asked if youre my house guest today.

She learned how to make chocolate and wanted to invite you to be the first person to taste it.

Today, she made a sandwich with chocolate and strawberries.

I ate one when she was not paying attention.

It was quite delicious.”

“Sure, I can go with you.

I have a little dress for her too.

Two days ago, when I drove past a childrens clothing store, I saw the two dresses hanging in the window.

I thought Chenchen would look good in them.” Jiang Yao was fond of Chenchen.

Jiang Yao looked at the interaction between Huang Chengjing and Lu Yuqing and felt that they seemed to be more familiar with each other than before.

The two of them talked like old friends.

However, the way Huang Chengjing looked at Lu Yuqing showed that he felt something more than her.

Jiang Yao could tell that Huang Chengjing had feelings for Lu Yuqing, but Lu Yuqing seemed to be in her own world.

After dinner, Lu Yuqing and Huang Chengjing went to the Huang family home.

Huang Chengjing also invited Jiang Yao to go with them.

Jiang Yao learned that Chairman Huang had

been away on a business trip.

She thought about it and excused herself by saying that she was tired and wanted to rest.

She told Huang Chengjing that she would see

Chenchen the next day.

He knew that Jiang Yao was a good person.

After Jiang Yao returned home, she called Zhou Weiqi.

She did not expect to hear the lively background.

“Jiang Yao, how did you receive the news so quickly Are you going to congratulate me” Zhou Weiqi sounded as if he had just received five million bucks when he picked up the phone.

“What news Im just calling to speak to you.” Jiang Yao was confused.

“I hear many people with you.

I think I heard Grandma Liang and Auntie Liangs voices.

Are you at Big

Brothers house”

Zhou Weiqi replied cheerfully, “So you havent heard then.

I thought it was weird that youd get the news so soon in the city.

I thought maybe you planted a bug here.

Im not at Big Brothers house.

Im at the hotel.

Grandma Liang and Aunt Liang accompanied me to invite Qiuh€s family for dinner.

Grandma Liang and Qiuhes parents are talking about my engagement to her.

Please congratulate me as soon as possible, Jiang Yao! Im about to get engaged! ”

“Really Congratulations! Youre engaged! I must go to Jindo City for the engagement party.” Jiang Yao was happy to hear that Zhou Weiqi was marrying the girl he loved.

He had been the most worrisome among Lu Xingzhis brothers.

His familys troubles had been bugging him about it for more than 20 years.

“Thank you, Jiang Yao! Since Ive told you about it, I wont call Third Brother then.

If he can spare the time, please bring him along.

If he cant make it to my engagement party, please tell him to stay alive for my wedding.”

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