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Chapter 1793: Want To Run

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Liang Yueze did not even have to inquire about Master Zhus involvement in the matter.

It was because Lu Xingzhi suppressed the Zhu family.

If Qian Zhibins future had ended, it would be the same for the Zhu family.

Master Zhu had bet the last of the Zhu familys luck and strength on that.

‘The Zhu family was in Ping City, so the person who kidnapped Jiang Yao must have been one of Master Zhus men.

However, Liang Yueze did not quite understand.

One was far away in Ping City, and the other was in Jindo City.

Why would the Zhu and Qian families work together to do something that

required them to trust each other

How did the two families get in contact

When Qian Zhibin saw Lu Xingzhi, his face darkened.

He quickly retreated to the side and casually grabbed two men and threw them in Lu Xingzhis direction.

Then he turned around and ran toward the stairs.

‘When Master Zhu saw that, he immediately ordered someone to bring him out of the factory.

He did not dare to stay longer there.

Even though it was Master Zhus factory, there were not many employees there.

Lu Xingzhi had appeared so suddenly.

Did he bring his men there

If that were the case, no matter how many men Master Zhu had, he would not win against them, especially since he had lost his hostages.

“You want to run”

Chen Xuyao chased after Qian Zhibin.

He could not care less about Master Zhu for the time being.

Anyway, there were troops outside, so those people could not escape so easily.

Chen Xuyao had already rushed downstairs and was stomping his feet anxiously.

Chu Sheng looked in the other direction.

She pulled Jiang Yaos arm and pointed at one of the bodyguards that Master Zhu had left behind.

One looked at Jiang Yao anxiously and then looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“Speak—I can read lips.”

Lu Xingzhi knew that Chu Sheng must be anxious.

Otherwise, she would not have forgotten to sign.

Chu Shengs tears fell, but she quickly wiped them away and faced Lu Xingzhi.

However, her eyes remained in the other direction, and her fingers never retracted.

“You want me to catch that person”

Lu Xingzhi understood what she meant even though she only mouthed three words to him.

Chu Sheng nodded and continued to cry.

Lu Xingzhi immediately looked at Jiang Yao and asked, “Can you manage by yourself”

“Go quickly! I can do it.” Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi did not mean for her to rush forward to catch the man.

Instead, he asked her if it was okay for her to stay by Chu Shengs side alone, if she was afraid, and if she was in danger.

After getting Jiang Yaos answer, Lu Xingzhi moved swiftly toward the direction that Chu Sheng was pointing at.

There were a few people behind him.

They tried to stop Mr.

Liang, Chen Xuyao, and the others from running downstairs to chase after Master Zhu and Qian Zhibin, who had already left.

The person Chu Sheng was talking about was one of them.

‘The men that Master Zhu and Qian Zhibin brought with them were not very useful.

They had just taken most of their bodyguards to ensure their safety, so only two or three people were left here.

‘The men stayed with Mr.

Liang and Liang Yueze.

Lu Xingzhi only needed a few seconds to catch that person in a sneak attack.

“Game over.”

Lu Xingzhi kicked the person to the ground with one foot, and with one hand, he held that person so tightly that he could not move.

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