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Chapter 1789: Is He Here Yet

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“Lknow, I know.

It wont hurt to look at her.

Its so good to be rich.

The rich women are all better looking than poor ones.”

After complaining, the man shrugged before he followed the other man out of the room.

Jiang Yao was carried like a sack on the mans shoulders as he walked quickly.

The movement made her feel queasy.

‘Why would men carry someone on their shoulders

Was it easier that way

Perhaps it was easier because she and Chu Sheng were very slim.

Lu Xingzhi was like that, and the two men were the same as well.

Jiang Yao curled her lips, but she did not do anything else.

She allowed herself to be carried.

She could see Lu Xingzhi following behind them.

She could also see another group of people outside the factory—Uncle Liang and Liang Yueze.

The two men brought Jiang Yao and Chu Sheng to the factorys roof.

The factory had been built in recent years, so it was the tallest building in the entire village.

The dormitory for the employees was planned when they rebuilt the factory.

Therefore, the factory had six floors instead of the initial five floors.

‘The light summer wind blew on the roof.

Jiang Yao and Chu Sheng were thrown onto the roof casually.

The four men did not leave but stood by to guard them.

Jiang Yao thought that the person who had left would not come back; she did not expect him to appear on the roof about half an hour later.

He had another person with him.

Jiang Yao might not know him, but Lu Xingzhi recognized him at a glance.

It was Qian Zhibin, who was supposed to be in Jindo City.

Lu Xingzhi hid in the dark and watched.

He had rushed there after leaving the training ground, so he did not have much time to understand what had happened.

However, he knew that Chu Sheng had disappeared in Jindo City, so Qian Zhibin must have kidnapped her.

‘Why was Qian Zhibin with the Zhu family

The person beside Qian Zhibin had a cane—he was clearly the current head of the Zhu family.

It was Master Zhu, the real head of the Zhu family.

He had a cane, and he stood beside Qian Zhibin.

Perhaps other people could not notice it, but she saw the difference in his cane.

‘The seemingly ordinary walking stick was quite unique.

There was only a blade hidden inside it, an extremely sharp military knife.

Therefore, he had come prepared.

“are they here yet” Master Zhu asked the person beside him.

“Have you notified the Liang family”

“Dont worry, Mr.


I notified Fifth Young Master Chen and Mr.

Liang at the same time.

It has been more than half an hour.

They will be here in about ten minutes.

There is still time.

Its good to appreciate the night view.” Qian Zhibin smiled and comforted Master Zhu.

Master Zhu did not like Qian Zhibins confident and arrogant look.

Qian Zhibin had been like that since he was young, not even more than ten years ago.

He did not expect that his behavior would stay the same.

As usual, he was even more annoying than before.

There was no difference between the Zhu family and the Qian family.

They were in the same boat, so where did Qian Zhibin get his sense of superiority

‘Then, as the saying went—speak of the devil, and he would arrive.

As soon as Qian Zhibin finished speaking, the factory door opened.

A few thugs appeared with Chen Xuyao, Mr.

Liang, and Liang Yueze..

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