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Chapter 1787: Go Get Him

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Chen Xuyao had no objections to Lu Xingzhis arrangement.

He nodded in agreement.

Others might not know Jiang Yao, but he thought better.

Chu Seng would be rescued when Lu Xingzhi found Jiang Yao.

That would make the mission much easier.

Furthermore, Chu Sengs safety would be guaranteed once Jiang Yao was freed.

After learning from Moe that Chen Xuyao had arrived, Jiang Yao kept her attention on the outside.

As expected, she saw Chen Xuyao and some men.

She was a little surprised.

About 20 minutes later, a man on a bicycle entered her line of sight.

Jiang Yao recognized the person on the bicycle at a glance.

It was Lu Xingzhi!

“Moe, Xingzhi is here.

Go to him!” Jiang Yao picked up Moe excitedly from the bed and threw him onto the ground.

The door was locked, but Jiang Yao knew how to navigate that.

“Twill give you braised chicken drumsticks again.”

Moe was invigorated.

He had no intention of staying there with Jiang Yao.

The darkness of the night was a natural camouflage.

It could protect them from evil and light.

Lu Xingzhi abandoned his bicycle and stood in the dark to observe his surroundings.

He was wearing dark-colored clothes, and he had successfully merged himself with the darkness.

He circled outside the wall and then jumped over the fence and into the factory.

The moment he jumped off the wall, he did not expect to meet Moe, who was running toward him.

Lu Xingzhi laughed.

Did Jiang Yao know that he was there, so she asked Moe to pick him up

With Moe around and her medical skills, who could keep her trapped

Therefore, she must have stayed to take care of Chu Sheng or volunteered to be trapped there for something else.

Lu Xingzhi heaved a sigh of relief.

There was no better situation than that.

With Moe leading the way, Lu Xingzhi quickly found the room in the comer where Jiang Yao and Chu Sheng were kept.

The kidnappers were probably too confident in their location as there was no one guarding the door.

Moe raised his hand and easily destroyed the key.

Without Lu Xingzhis help, the

man and the cat quickly found Jiang Yao and Chu Sheng.

“Jiang Yao!”

Even though he had guessed that Jiang Yao was not forced to stay there, Lu Xingzhi went in to make sure that Jiang Yao was not injured.

Fortunately, she was fine.

On the other hand, Chu Sheng looked much worse than the last time he saw her.

She had also lost a lot of weight.

Lu Xingzhi had heard that Chu Sheng had been kidnapped for many days.

Therefore, it must not have been easy for her.

“Lets go.” Lu Xingzhi went forward and held Jiang Yaos hand.

Then, he tumed around and asked Chu Sheng, “Are you hurt Chen Xuyao is waiting for you outside.

I will send a message to let them know to rush in.

Follow closely behind me.

I will take you away during the chaos.

Remember, dont get lost.”

“Leave Who kidnapped us For what purpose You dont want to know about that” Jiang Yao was puzzled.

If it was not about money, then why were they taken

“Dont you know that the Zhu family built this factory” Lu Xingzhi was stunned..

“If you didnt know that, why would you give Chen Xuyao such a clear hint”

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